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Beta 3 update

El_MutroEl_Mutro Member Posts: 207 ✭✭
Here is what I have seen so far....

1) cash and gold carried over. YAY!!!!!

2) Need explanation of chevrons. I am assuming same as stars, but need clarification.

3) The graphics are not as sharp as the previous versions. Looks hazy and fuzzy

4) the garage does not tell you that there are any cars in the car market, like before and my cars does not tell me how many cars I have like before.

that is what I have seen so far, haven't tried race mechanics yet, but will very soon. Also, when will pro packs be available, if at all?


  • El_MutroEl_Mutro Member Posts: 207 ✭✭
    Why are the fireworks going off at the beginning of the race? Not a big fan of that.

    Also, why are the races only one lap?
  • StormyStormy Hutch Staff Posts: 70 Wrenchman
    The fireworks start when you are on the last lap and is currently a bug with the new one lap races. 

    Lap wise we found that some tracks took to long in the C class cars and decided to keep race times down to around 50-60seconds as a maximum and then worked number of laps around the times. You might find that some of the smaller tracks in faster cars could have 3 or 4 laps! 

    But as always, these are set per event and per track so we can do absolutely anything! We could even try a 24 Le Mans style event with 24 laps for example! 
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