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sikbaysikbay Member Posts: 5
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Out of all the bugs this is the one that kills me most often. I play on an AppleTV 4, and at least once a day i have to re-install the app because once this screen hits, there is no coming back. Your multiplayer challenges dont load. No restart or any combination of things will work to get them back. 

My connection is fine. 150mps. AppleTV 4 is on ethernet cable. I have probably re-insalled this game over 30 times because of this. Of course when it happens you also lose the race guaranteed. And money spent if it was a retry or daily race do-over.

Please fix.


  • sikbaysikbay Member Posts: 5
    edited October 11
    oh hey, what do you know - another crash / re-install.

    And this one cost me 700 jewels because i won a multiplayer race before this happened. You'll notice the times in the background –> of course it crashes after a win ....never after a loss.

    So not only did I lose the race and 700 jewels, I now have to spend another 10 minutes re-installing, setting the music to off, selecting the crappy born helmet and pointing to my cloud save so i dont lose all my cars.

    At some point you guys are gonna have to reimburse my account for all of these...
    i dont care if a crash here and there wastes time. It's a great game. But money? that's not cool.

    My player code is N3J6JRQA. 
  • sikbaysikbay Member Posts: 5
    edited October 13
    Today's crash cost only 200 jewels. What luck. I may need to start a go-fund-me...

  • sikbaysikbay Member Posts: 5
    Today's crash 100 jewels. 

    Reinstall # 345434234

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