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Some ideas.

WhocaresWhocares Member Posts: 1
Here are my notes: 1) I would like to see real time viewing, not just 4x or 8x. Also, maybe consider first person view for at least the drag races. 2) It should auto pick the last car in a series, its not like there is another choice. 3) The rewards should give out less RQ and more cash. 4)I would like to see a option to break a car down for parts. That way we could choose to sell, put in garage, or break down for parts all new cars. Choosing to break it down would give you 1 random upgrade part, either for engine, chassis, or the other category to be used like having the necessary car for upgrades. 5) I think the game is fun, but too predictable, think there should be a slight change in the learning curve. 6) I don't like the title screen. The pic reminds me of Gran Turisimo 2 for some reason. I would like to see something flashy with vivid color. 7) Really can't wait for sound. I have already played this game for hours, temp graphics and no sound...and have enjoyed playing it the whole time. It just needs a few tweaks and something for the players to spend time doing other the racing, chat or a in game parts store, something. Hope these notes help, I'm sure you can take these ideas and make them better


  • Hutch_MattHutch_Matt Administrator, Hutch Staff Posts: 294 admin
    Hey,  Thank you very much for these ideas:
    1) If the laps were very long, would you want to watch it all?  Even if say it took a couple of minutes to finish?  Is it the fact that you would just like the option to do this rather than it be the default setting?
    2) Last car in a series - I'm not sure what you mean here. 
    3) Yep very valid point, we are looking at rebalancing this at the moment, it does seem like there is way too much RQ on offer, compared to cash.
    4) That is a really nice idea, it has been suggested to the team on your behalf.  Thanks for that.
    5) What change to the learning curve would you suggest?  Are there aspects you do not feel are particularly well explained, or could be taught differently, or at a different time in the game?
    6) Ok, feedback noted.
    7) Sound is definitely coming - out of interest if you were to choose a soundtrack or background music for the game, what would you choose?  -  As for extra things to do, we have a whole multiplayer mode planned, and are discussing ways in which we can incorporate in-game chat to help establish and maintain the in-game community.
    Great feedback!  -  we are very keen to hear thoughts from the early adopters such as yourself.  Detailed feedback such as this really helps us to shape the game, so thanks again :)
  • Anthony_OlivoAnthony_Olivo Member Posts: 356 ✭✭✭
    Hello petrolheads and developers! I am new to the game but having played it for 3 hours, I have some suggestions:

    1: Add metric units. (KPH) That would increase the game appeal by a lot since not everyone understands MPH. Being able to change it to metric would be great.

    2: Increase the cash received in game by a little. It doesn't have to be much, but still, a little more cash would be beneficial.

    3: Increase the cash amount you get by selling cars to $150 for the base cars. That would help beginners stack up some money.

    4: Increase the car slot capacity or at least let us buy car slots with cash. ($1,000 per slot and I'm down!)

    5: I hope that new, surprise car manufacturers come soon after the app is officially released. Include a Koenigsegg or 2 and I'll drool!

    6: Change the AI cars every now and then to make the matches a little less predictable. 

    7: Include Nissan's, Mazda's, and Dodge. I would love to see those manufacturers on the game!

    The potential this game has is insane. It's up to you guys to unleash it and I know you can!

    I am aware that the game is still in Beta and that everything won't be ready by the minute. But I'm willing to wait for those ideas!
  • Anthony_OlivoAnthony_Olivo Member Posts: 356 ✭✭✭
    Ohh, I forgot to add:

    Let us employ upgraded Turbochargers or Superchargers if the car in question uses forced induction. That'd be great!
  • Hutch_JonathanHutch_Jonathan Hutch Staff Posts: 81 Wrenchman
    Thanks so much for all the comments and ideas. We hadn't thought about letting you upgrade a turbo/supercharger if you have one. That would be cool. One thing we've just prototyped is the idea of a 'gearing' upgrade. Basically let's you really drop your 0-60 time but at the expense of top speed. Feels really fun as it adds a little bit of strategy to your upgrading.
  • Hutch_JonathanHutch_Jonathan Hutch Staff Posts: 81 Wrenchman
    Regarding the cash comments and garage slots, that's all being balanced right now.
  • Anthony_OlivoAnthony_Olivo Member Posts: 356 ✭✭✭
    You are very welcome. It would be great if we could upgrade the forced induction just like in real life. If we install a bigger turbo/intercooler, you can increase the weight of the car by an average of 20 KG and Horsepower/torque figures by a considerable amount. But here's yet another good idea: Incorporate Turbo Lag in 4-cylinder and relatively small engines. Make the car launch slightly slower to about 30 MPH. Increase the top speed for when the boost kicks in.

    The gearing upgrade is a good one. Incorporate a top speed and an acceleration gearbox.

    One for high speed, oval shaped tracks and 1 mile drag races with a long gear ratio with a slightly higher 0-60 time.

    One for the mountains with short gearing and better 0-60 with a better 0-60 time.
  • Beamer786GstarBeamer786Gstar Member Posts: 32
    I disagree with the ant on some things 3. I think the regular money is perfect and is a steady upgrade pace we don't want to get too much money and be bored. $1000 (normal cash) is WAY to less for one slot I'd say $5000 minimum and ©20 Gold. And Give The Option to sell spaces I have too much I brought 10 of the biggest slot purchases and it takes 3 minutes to get to the cars that are in "hold" and have timers
  • Beamer786GstarBeamer786Gstar Member Posts: 32
    BUT, I agree with adding koenigseggs they are sick, and also the ford gt 2017 omg that car is so sexy (sorry), and I love the start screen it looks sick even though the car is not the fastest or even the fastest of the paganis brand, also can i say that i love the feature were there is a confirmed way of getting Paganini s/McLarens if you go to multiplayer and win you get 3 cards and if you do my glitch you can turn all the cards over and in the bottom right hand corner theres an option to switch cards for $1500 which is reasonable seeming how hard it is to get McLarens to show up/Paganis and it also tells you what cars are in the Set of cards which I love , so if your reading this and have lots of $$$ but less ©©© (Gold) and are looking for Paganis or McLarens Do what i said. Thanks me later.

  • Beamer786GstarBeamer786Gstar Member Posts: 32
    I want sound that you make. Just dont make me regret saying that but, actually do it
  • Beamer786GstarBeamer786Gstar Member Posts: 32
    What whocares meant by 2. is that the selection of cars you choose to race with say Ford Focus, Ford GT40 (sick car even though I didn't know it existed), Paganini Huayra, Audi R8 V10 (the red one) and that Red Legendary car with lots of lights I think its a tvr, and say you choose these 5 cars to do a race and you use all of them and the Paganis Left What he is saying is that the pagani thats left should auto matically race because IRA the last car.
  • romeoromeo Member Posts: 13
    Please add kmh. And more diffrent car silouhettes while you are racing 
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