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How to do Japan II 4?

V10DogV10Dog Member Posts: 10
I have no idea, how to do Japan II 4.. Which cars do i have to pick? I have done about 10 runs, but lost with 200 points or more.. I am starting to cry :wink:

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  • V10DogV10Dog Member Posts: 10
    The problem is, that I have to use 5 rwd cars (I think, this is not how it should be). It was very hard to find some good ones with tourism tires...
  • V10DogV10Dog Member Posts: 10
    Yes,the opponent has 2 4wd cars. So I lose 250 points in the twisty snow road ...
  • JonathanJonathan Hutch Staff Posts: 72 mod
    Sorry about this. It's definitely been fixed but won't be going live until the next major update.
  • Beamer786GstarBeamer786Gstar Member Posts: 32
    Dude get a Audi R8 V10 but if the car your up against it that blue 4 wheel drive jaguar just give up that car destroys even my Audi.
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