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Shared info in multiple devices

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There is something I would like to see possible in future updates. I'm probably not the only one playing the same account on multiple devices, so I would like for example that the lineup i save on one device could be accessed from any device. Also the help talks we sent to the staff should be syncronized.  

If all the game information is shared so why are not these?



  • Hutch_TimHutch_Tim Administrator, Hutch Staff Posts: 512 admin
    Yep, I have this problem too. This is one of the few parts of the game that is client-side. To synchronise it, we'd need to code up some additional server calls and data structures.

    Since it only affects a very small number of users, and you can work around it, it won't rank very highly on our list. For the same amount of time we could potentially implement a feature (or fix a bug) that affects a lot more people. Sorry about that.

    The 'help talks' (in-game support via Cog > Help & Support > message) is an interesting point - that's a 3rd party plugin we use. I can see if there's any way we could have that identify you as a single user.
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