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Help - need more memory to run raceoff?

cheetaspeedercheetaspeeder Member Posts: 213 ✭✭✭
hi - getting kicked out of game. So before i thought it was because my tablets (apple) memory was full, but now I have cleared 600 mb available space, it only said 250 mb for raceoff, but when you run it, how much mb does that take up? And we also did the update, but still no luck

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  • cheetaspeedercheetaspeeder Posts: 213 ✭✭✭
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    And this is supposed to be a discussion not a question, its just when I hit discussion it gave me question
  • Hutch_MattHutch_Matt Posts: 294 admin
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    Hey cheetaspeeder.  The memory use is more to do with how much RAM the device has - rather than storage space.  A device has a certain amount of RAM to share around anything that is running, be that the operating system itself, or the other apps running on the device.  
    Hot Wheels doesn't actually use too much memory when it is running so if you are finding the game crashing I suspect it would be because there are too many other apps running in the background - or that one of those other apps has a memory leak which has caused a memory shortage.
    I would suggest rebooting the device and seeing if that helps.  If the game continues to crash then let us know via help & support in the game's settings menu and we'll investigate further.


  • cheetaspeedercheetaspeeder Member Posts: 213 ✭✭✭
    Now something weird is starting to happen, I have 3 gb of memory left on my computer, and still I cannot get into raceoff
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