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Caterham s 270 / Monaco 10

Sanic2FestSanic2Fest Member Posts: 1
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Is the Caterham seven 270 found in the campaign prizes? And do I need to upgrade it 2/3/3 or 3/2/3 to beat the KTM in the slalom in Monaco 10?

Currently I'm just finishing the German stuttgart section and was trying to prep ahead of time seeing the difficulty most people have with monaco 10.


  • OpenedRapier67OpenedRapier67 Member Posts: 2
    As far as I can remember, the Caterham 270 is not a campaign prize. I used in the campaign a maxed C2 Corvette for the drag race, an upgraded Camaro against the Camaro , the Lotus Elise Sport 135 upgraded 2.1.3 against the KTM, the Chevrolet Trailblazer upgraded against the G Class and then a fully maxed out 04 Megane (3.2.3) against the TVR. You should win by 200 to 198. The only car you'll need from packs is the Megane, the rest you get from the campaign.
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