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Event Basics – some advise please

HeWhoEatsBabiesHeWhoEatsBabies Member Posts: 21

So from what I can understand with Events there’s a few considerations


  1. There’s 4 different track sets to each event

  2. You will initially have to face each track set once before they become randomised


I have a few questions though.


  1. How does defence work? Is it a random selection from your entire garage? Is it based on the last selection you used on any given track set, or the event as a whole?

  2. How do you guys generally approach a new event? Pick a even spread/assortment of drives/tyre types (loosely based on the event title and requirements) until you’ve got through all 4? Then adjust it after seeing all 4?


  • GsearchGsearch Member, Wrenchmen, Senior Wrenchmen Posts: 2,268 Senior Wrenchman
    Ok, first, whatever set of cars you use to compete in a race are the same cars that are left there as your "ghosts"  So anyone who chooses to race against you will be racing the LAST set of cars you selected for that track set.  I think everyone is different on how they approach a new event, however, there are some really helpful chaps that generally post the track sets in a thread here on this forum.

    Good Luck.
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