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Level 35

Luke1985Luke1985 Member Posts: 1
there seems to be missing fuel just before the jump onto the cars where 3 sliding doors are. It’s impossible to get any further


  • LolswagLolswag Member Posts: 3
    Yer I finished all 41 stages 
  • Hutch_DemorphicHutch_Demorphic Wrenchmen Posts: 1,085 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I think that an additional fuel can has been added on level 35. Until this appears, you can always restart from the last checkpoint to get around this.
  • whenspurswhenspurs Member Posts: 2
    Use the tank for this level. Only way to complete.
    Watch YT vids to see the drive through 
  • LeviscusTemprisLeviscusTempris Member Posts: 3
    I've dumped probably 15,000-20,000 gems (all earned through 3+ weeks of grinding) on the checkpoint just before the 3 doors. The amphibian is way too heavy to use the wind to jump over the third gas tank and at best can get almost to the top of the third hill past the doors. But at that point it runs out of gas. Ive also noticed that a great deal of boxes and sometimes even the doors won't even be there. But that's at random and i beleive that is a is glitch in the level. The closest ive gotten is with the tank but it doesn't have enough power or traction or power to climb the very last hill out of the water. Ive seen the finish line several times but run out of gas right before. The second place female opponent seems to breeze right through the 3 door segment as if almost half the boxes are there. But you can't tell because the boxes for them don't appear (probably for performance). Ill look this level up on YouTube but Ive never had to spend this longneck on a level and am glad this has been brought up. I don't consider myself a novice player and it is frustrating that in almost a months time I'm still struggling to complete this level. Im just at a standstill. Last night I tried it again after saving up 11,000 gems only to loose them all restarting that the 3 door checkpoint. If only the glitch would remove the obstacles there id be able to move like the bot player can. I feel like the level was glitches from the beggining and some people just have luck where that segment fails to load properly. I wish I could get my gems back. It feels like Ive been cheated but I know that's not the case. Still a bummer that this happens though. 
  • LeviscusTemprisLeviscusTempris Member Posts: 3
    Also, when you break the doors (unless using the tank) the door fragments actually can interact with the track/boxes/player and will jam everything up, making it impossible to move forward. And every time you die and reset to the checkpoint, so does the boxes and doors. The opponent appears as if they take out most of them, dies, then restarts and breezes right through. Either I'm wrong (totally possible since we can't see the other players physics entities) or this level is broken. 
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