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Not fun for kids

VideoDeadVideoDead Member Posts: 4
Hi Hutch, my 4 year old son loves your Hill Dash and Hot Wheels: Race Off games. The trouble he has is that they're too difficult for him to play further than the first couple of tracks and he gets very frustrated and angry about it. I am also a big fan of these games and i know that they take some skill and understanding of the physics involved to progress.
I wonder if a "toddler mode" might be a good thing to implement - for example: remove the levelling up, make the destruct aerial a self righting flipper or something, make the vehicles more stable and less prone to flipping altogether, remove the fuel limit, or even just put in a series of easier tracks. 
I'm writing this as i've noticed, while looking for decent game to put on his tablet, that there is a severe lack of good games for toddlers - all the games are either overly simple "put the square shape in the square hole" baby games, overly complicated "progression" type games, or "skill" games. I think there is a place in the app store for games that 4-8 year olds can just pick up and have FUN with instead of grinding for xp or trying to master a difficult skill-curve.
Also i can't seem to find Hill Dash 2 in the app store on his Kindle Fire, why is this?
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