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Little moans and groans

Guyofthe80tiesGuyofthe80ties Member Posts: 28
Hi guys, great game so far. Maybe use some of my Ideas in the future?

So what to moan about?
Boosters: oh mahn, where to start...? The Intention of a booster is to get me through or over an obstacle... every car should be boosted to the same ammount, the same distance, same speed etc. It is a booster, car stats should add nothing to it. In Creature LEvel 40 where you start in a booster it sometimes happens that Street Creeper just not launches wide enough. That is annoying, especially in MP. Some cars like Bone Shaker or Shark even almost trip in a booster so that you slam into the looping and lose all your speed. I don't know if this is entended but I think that should be adressed.

I love the Challenge of some of the tracks like the next guy but some of the bumpy sections get really annoying. for the offroad Themed tracks i get the Idea but low riders like the Muscles should have an even, fast lane with lots of boosters, loops, corkscrews and whatsoever. they're build for speed, take them to the max.

It is kind of weird that some of the high tier cars are so much worse than their low tier counterparts. D-Muscle is nearly undriveable, because you have to be so careful with the throttle. Muscle Speeder is so much better in direct comparison. Boneshaker is one bumpy hopper, to stabilise him is a pain. Mountain Mauler runs much more smooth and is better overall. What about Repo Duty? He gets stuck on hills and in valleys. oh man. Ratical and Creeper are much lower than Shark and are much easier to navigate through the pendels. What were you thinking?

Would love tosee some changes to the MP also. See for details.



  • Hutch_MattHutch_Matt Administrator, Hutch Staff Posts: 294 admin
    Hi, thanks for the feedback!
    Boosters - It is mostly the weight of the vehicle that has an impact here.  The heavier the vehicle, the less boost it receives.  We did play around with the idea of equal boost for all vehicles but felt it gave them more character by giving slightly different behaviour for each.
    The trip up that occurs when you hit loop-da-loops is annoying though and not fully intended, but is a result of the physics at play and the way the track is connected together.  Unfortunately it would be very risky to attempt to fix that at this stage.  I find that if you ease off the gas a  little before you hit the loops then the weight shifts back a bit allowing the front of the vehicle to avoid clipping the lip.  Give it a go.
    If you like Speedy tracks then you will like what we have coming next - that's all I can say about it at the moment.
    As for some cars feeling different to others, that is really by design. As mentioned earlier we wanted the vehicles to have their own character and feel.  That said, we are looking at ways to even out their performance to enable people to play more with their favourite cars, rather than just the 'best ones'.
    I hope that answers some of your questions.
    - Apologies it took so long to reply - I started writing this a few days ago but forgot to click post comment.. oops
  • Guyofthe80tiesGuyofthe80ties Member Posts: 28
    The starting launcher in Level 40 has definetly a hicup. It happens with Shark too. Sometimes it just launches you not far enough to clear the very first gap of the level. And that could not be intendend. Happens with Shark and Creeper so far. Mostly in MP. When I exit the Level and change the car it goes back to normal. That is strange. 

    I get that physics are a big part of this game and you shouldn't mess with them. I will get used to it. When I got all cars of a tier upgraded I use the one best fitted for the Track, not always the fastest. 

    Thanks for your answer and concern. 
  • cheetaspeedercheetaspeeder Member Posts: 213 ✭✭✭
    Yes, I usually get that launch, too, in multiplayer, when Im setting a time for someone on level 40, and it has that same launch on level 39, it shoots you, but you dont get all the way up the hill
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