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Server Errors during final events

SchmidtiSchmidti Member Posts: 84 ✭✭✭
I don't want to sound too whiny, but the server erroros during the porsche final were a mess.
Let's go back in time and look what happend.
T-30 minutes till end of the event:
I logged in with my (not so special) late drive strategie
The first 6 places were out of range with over 500 points. 
I'm in position 12 with round about 200-250 points 
I start playing 
T-15 minutes till end of the event:
The battle for 8th starts. I have already spend some gold to by tickets. 
I have now somewhere between 300- 350 points.
I and another player (some Topdrives xxxxx named acount) change position between 8th and 9th place nearly every minute.
At this point the game was really fun and I enjoyed the competition.
T-7 minutes till end of this event:
Once again I pay 100g to get another 5 tickets. 
As I want to select my oponent to start racing the server crashes. 
It is not possible to log in anymore till 5 minutes after the event.
T+5 minutes after the event:
I can finaly log in again. 
Finished 9th... without the price car

To sum it up:
I wouldn't have had any problem losing fair to another player and finis 9th in this event, battling till the end. But ending up on 9th place this way is really frustrating. I spend a lot of real money for the 10 Porsche carbon fiber packs and several aditional ceramic packs. 
I'm at a point now, where I will stop investing real money in this game. I'm a customer for hutch and I buy a service. Last night the service was frustrating bad. 
I would really like to see a official statement from hutch to that incident and how they will continue with that. I also would like to know how they want to avoid such things in the future. 
As long as those two points are not clarified I will change to a f2p player.

In the end I want to congratulate to all the players who won the price car! What a beauty!

Have a nice day.


  • ZotZeZotZe Member Posts: 841 ✭✭✭✭
    Write hutch via ingame support. Not here

  • 0liver770liver77 Member Posts: 37
    Same happend to me. I bought 10 CF packs and finally had a great Porsche hand. The I got the server login problem too and ended up at place 11. I guess it could do very better, when there weren't the server problems.
    I already worte to the support in game, but no answer yet :-(
  • joel24joel24 Member Posts: 536 ✭✭✭
    I'm starting to hate this game. just a little bit.
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