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Another Chance (918 Finals, Server bugs)

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As many of you have seen and had been fronted with, we had several server bugs yesterday between 5 minutes before and 5 minutes after the finals finished (some people are still fronted with not working multiplayer)
This bug made it impossible for some people to play so they maybe got kicked out of their tier by other people who could play without bugs.
So i see 2 possible ways hutch should work on this
1: expand the tier rewards to like 1-11 12-50...
2: give us a 2nd chance of getting the porsche because its 1 of the best cars in the game and some people lost it because of bugs (just to mention im not one of those people i was able to stay in top 8 but i dont think its fair to just do nothing)

Kind regards :)

Edit: im still waiting for my daily reward...
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    3. grab ceramic and relax:(
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    TGPD said:
    I'm done with this game. It doesn't add up for you to do everything you've got, just to get sniped at the end of your event just because of where you live. I've spent the entirety of the 918 event comfortably in the top 3 with a 600 point gap between me and 8th. Then somebody comes, spoils the party and because I'm not able to fight back, they sniped me, and targeting me alone, until the end of the event. I say, what's the point of even competing? Cause somebody is bound to make you miss out because of your time zone. Until a regional start time/server is added, I won't be playing it, or investing in it.
    I understand how bad it is for missing a really strong prize car especially when you were sniped and end up with a 9th place. In fact I face the same situation in the suzuki peak pikes final event, ended up with a 9th place and miss that monster peak pikes, which make me really upset and don't even want to open the game for a whole week.
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