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i may lost my account ... help me

FredericFrederic Member Posts: 2
hello from Korea,
i had some mistakes in the game.
i have 2 TopDrives accounts, 1 in iPhone and the other in android,
account in iphone log in facebook, and android is not,
my mistake is, when i was playing TopDrives in android, i pushed 'facebook log in' button suddenly, then the screen changed, and changed my iphone account in android..
so i tried to delete and reinstall the game, but i can't find my android account.. coz when i logged on with android account, that use facebook account, so play iphone account in android phone.. so i can't use my android account and can't play too.
what can i do with this situation? i spent some money in android account, and play a lot with that.
please help me !!  
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