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GTipilotGTipilot Member Posts: 2
There needs to be a better/quicker way to earn prestige. I'm maxed out on all my vehicles yet can't upgrade to bigger ones unless I wait a week to win the league or win enough in the highway to wealth, which is painfully slow, might I add.


  • AsmoAsmo Member Posts: 84 ✭✭
    I have a strict 2 buyback rule, which lets me leave every time I failed twice in H2W. This gives me about 100 prestige on average per day, which for me is "too much" in terms of having all cars maxed out in time, because levelling up all the 2nd evolutions takes more time than having 1000 prestige together to upgrade the next car. "On average" of course means that I get nothing one day and 420 the next day, but personally I find Paint to be the way more scarce and valuable resource :(
    I totally understand your frustration though, I said the same thing the first week I started playing. Hiding important aspects of a game behind a gambling wall is a weird choice in deed....
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