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Bug or Secret Passage? ^.^

AsmoAsmo Member Posts: 50
Level 33 has a weird bug (I assume?) that had cost me my win streak 3 times now, but only happens around 3 out of 10, so it took me a while to get annoyed by it :smiley:

This is what's happening:

I am trying to fall behind my opponent, because I want to make a picture of what is about to happen....

I break, so I can see how the bug looks, but so far I couldn't find a better angle...

And then: My opponent has disappeared. Completely. Gone with the wind. His meter went from 320 to 0 in 1 millisecond. And no matter how fast I will finish the match, my opponent has already magically crossed the finish line. Why? How? Help?


  • AsmoAsmo Member Posts: 50

    Tropical Sunset (I think lvl 31?) -> I was wondering why anyone would choose a Monster for this kind of Level, and lo and behold - after 5 seconds in the Monster looked like it would explode and then, it kinda did, only that it stayed in one peace, flying like a rocket into the sky and over the finish line 720m away - in less than 2 seconds. AND AGAIN MY WIN STREAK WAS KILLED! >:( I didn't use to mind too much about that, but in Diamond League this kind of shenanigans means that I have to spent a couple of thousand Gems just to get even with the rest of the pack making up for the lost win streak :(

    PLEASE FIX! :(

    THANKS :)
  • Tom_PTom_P Member Posts: 2
    edited July 14
    I had the same or similar problem in level 33. My opponent finnished in 0:00.45!! But crossed the finish line after me, i even had the time to take screenshots.

  • AsmoAsmo Member Posts: 50
    edited July 15
    Nice job! My phone has a serious lag for screenshots. Happened to me again on Level 33. Another Win Streak wasted. Maybe the "airborne opponent"-bug is a "win streak controlling"-bot gone rogue? :hushed:

    From 385m to 0m in less than 4 seconds? I think not ^-^

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