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Missing Models (Acura, Ford, Hummer)

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This thread is where to identify missing models from existing manufacturers.

What specific models from these manufacturers would be good to have in Top Drives?

Some rules:
- The aim is not to identify every single model of a manufacturer.
- The models should be interesting and appealing for lots of Top Drives players.
- If it's on the list, it doesn't mean it will go in the game, but it increases the chance it might
- The information that we need: manufacturer, model name, year
- Do not post off topic, all posts should be specific model requests

Let's go onto Acura, Ford, Hummer:

Here's the list so far:

AcuraIntegra DC2 Type R2001
AcuraRSX K20A2006
AcuraTSX 3.5 v62010
FordBronco Concept2004
FordEdge 2.7L Ecoboost2015
FordF150 Harley Davidson2002
FordF150 Lightning2001
FordF150 Tremor2015
FordF150/Saleen S3312007
FordFalcon FPV GTF 351
FordFocus RS
FordFord Shelby Cobra Concept2004
FordFord Shelby GR1 Concept2004
FordMustang Boss 4291969
FordMustang Bullit2001
FordMustang Cobra R2000
FordMustang GT3502016
FordMustang GT350R2017
FordMustang GT5002009
FordMustang Mach 11972
FordMustang Saleen S3022015
FordSport-Trac Adrenalin2008
FordTaurus SHO1993
HummerH3 T Alpha2010
HummerHX concept2008


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