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Top Drives - Soft Launch Update 31/05/2017

HutchJackHutchJack Hutch Staff Posts: 130 Wrenchman
Hi everyone, 

Today is another small update to Top Drives just a few things in this release, with Android coming today and iOS to follow in a few days:

- Bug Fixes 
- Update to UI 
- Performance improvements

Build Number:



  • PlantedZebraPlantedZebra Member Posts: 262 ✭✭✭
    Am I the only one that thinks gold are so hard to earn and it's hard to obtain good cars and more spaces? Keep getting rekt by these purple rarity cars ;( Those Maybachs that weighs 2 tons but still owns the competition, the NSX that surpasses 170 mph, the Mustang GT 5.0 that has the acceleration of El Camino SS, the grip of Renault Megane... The Merc SUV that accelerates faster than Corvette 396... What is this? I don't get the craziness of these purple rarity cars...

  • HutchJackHutchJack Hutch Staff Posts: 130 Wrenchman
    We do internal Team Tests every other week to look at stuff like Balance and playability, there's still plenty more for us to do on that front before the final release. 
  • sirish_misthrysirish_misthry Member Posts: 1
    U guys should add more cars like ferraris,lamborghinis,mustangs and dodge
  • TnsTns Member Posts: 43
    Please ruduce waiting time on cars. It's annoying. Ruduce it by 3 times as low
  • KanekiKaneki Member Posts: 68
    Hi, you stop the game's update?
  • HutchJackHutchJack Hutch Staff Posts: 130 Wrenchman
    No, the game is continually updated, we are busy working on the next update. 
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