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My questions and things i think

RaskRask Member Posts: 1
- There shoud be a way to compare cards side by side.
- How to check if your car has good or bad "mid-acceleration"?
- There is no way possible to collect all cars to win prize cars. 61 honda's?! Man i don't have half of that space possible. And if it get updated that they get collected even if you sell them i have run through half of the cars. Do i have to collect all again?
-  For me it would be better if you could see more information when youre about to start a match. When you have all five cars ready, there shoud be a option to see traction controll, abs etc. 
- There shoud be a mode where you can see how cars perform. Against your other cars. To compare. Find out about what tires is bether and what car is faster in a straigth line. This mode is like a test-run mode. Where you dont loose any service points. Would make you feel like a tuner or something. 
Sorry for bad grammar. But if you catch my drift, i only want the game to develop and fixed
(i know some of these things has been asked/ brougth up before but it is so long time ago and i wan to see what is up)


  • KanekiKaneki Member Posts: 68

    I think is good add too cars HP!
  • HutchJackHutchJack Hutch Staff Posts: 130 Wrenchman
    Hi there, 

    I'll try to give some answers:

    - We do have a Card Compare feature in place already, however it's only for Cards which are in your holding pool, you can see it above the "Add to Garage" and "Sell" Buttons. 
    - Unfortunately we don't show Mid Acceleration. 
    - To get the Prize Collection Cars, you need all the Cars in your Garage, we might be looking to change the way it works so if you've owned the Car but then sold it, it still counts as being seen for the Collection, however this is only in discussion so far. It's not an easy task by any means, we understand it's hard and will take a long time. Yes you will need a lot of Slots as well, we have some upcoming features that should help with that too. 
    - More information about the Cars is a good thing for sure, however conveying that is a lot tougher than it sounds because of fitting it all on the Screen. At the moment before the match starts when selecting the Hand for the Race you can tap on the Card to bring it full screen and then tap on it again to turn it over, this has all the information you like. Thanks for the suggestion, we are still experimenting with Hand Selection and the screen. 
    - You suggestion of a Test Match Mode is definitely interesting, I like the idea, similar to having your own race track and trying out what works. Very cool. 

    We have a lot more updates ahead so keep an eye out on here. Thanks for the suggestions. 

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