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How to do rainy dirt Hillclimb?

PlantedZebraPlantedZebra Member Posts: 20
I have quite some Japanese rare 4WDs, but none of them can beat that round... It always get stuck. Do I must need an Super Rare 4WD to beat it?

P.s. If you are wondering what crappy 4WDs I have, here are the list:
'16 Forester
'16 Legacy
'02 Forester
'97 CR-V
'91 Scorpio 24-Valve
'80 Quattro
Especially the Quattro, da heck is with 4WD+Performance Tyres? You got a deathwish or something?

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  • PlantedZebraPlantedZebra Member Posts: 20
    What car has that kind of thing? The "All cars" car collection menu doesn't show any car descriptions... And all the offroad cars I see throughout the game is Blazer, Silverado & Hummers I think. Maybe I just haven't played the game long enough yet... The other OP offroad cars I see are just simply Merc/BMW 4WD Allsurface tyres with big power no no grip...
  • HutchJackHutchJack Hutch Staff Posts: 83 mod

    In the selection screen or in the Garage, if you tap on a Card to bring it full screen and then tap it again you can bring up all the information about it. Hope this helps. 
  • PlantedZebraPlantedZebra Member Posts: 20

    Well I did play the game for a while already, and I also know the existance of "More Info" tab behind the cards, it's just... All the offroad cars are just these cars, I don't know anything else because the "All Cars" tab doesn't give any car description, but still thanks for the reminder ;)
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