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Google play button

uncasuncas Member Posts: 1
I don't  see google play button on the left-down corner in my tablet LG V490.
I see this button on my other device (smartfon).
The same problem is with "Login to facebook" button. I don't have them.
What is the reason?
I use the same google play account on both devices but User-ID in Race Off is different.  Is it correct?


  • Hutch_MattHutch_Matt Administrator, Hutch Staff Posts: 294 admin
    Hi uncas,
    We do not enable social logins for child accounts, so anyone under the age of 14.  It sounds like you have set your age below 14 on the Smartfon, but over 14 on the tablet.
    If you contact customer support via help & support in the game's settings menu and ask them to disable the child tag, then they can do that for you.  You may need to prove you are in-fact over 14 though but I'll let them talk you through that.
    I hope that helps
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