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Whats going to happen with my reward?

OneeKeeOneeKee Member Posts: 2
Well i have a issue be cause my "pocket" limit is 12k so what happen when i win competition on 1st place which gives me 40k?


  • OneeKeeOneeKee Member Posts: 2
    Losing the reward is pretty lame to me. Getin first place has no meaning then
  • LucidsoupLucidsoup Member Posts: 8
    Agreed. Not a fan of the cash limit myself. I've lost a lot of money by not being able to receive the event rewards due to the limit. Even now I can't cash in on 135k and 225k rewards due to my limit being a measly 50k. Can't even expand the cash limit through objectives because I'm stuck on 'Finish in the top 140 in the main event' until the event itself is over.
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