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Can you reset your profile?

RiceCookieRiceCookie Member Posts: 1
I was very silly and sold all of my best cars and only had common performances left. I had lots of money, and bought a lot of "Ceramic" card packs. I got a legendary and sold it!! I did the same thing again and again, and then soon enough I ran out of money. I had some great cars on the way and sold them all. Now I really need to reset my profile. Update this game and add the reset profile button. I love the game and do not want to stop playing. As I don't have a Facebook account I can't do anything. Please update soon!! PS: I really want a cash and gold option for carbon fibre card packs! Thanks!!


  • SnowyOwlSnowyOwl Member Posts: 227 ✭✭✭
    3 step guide
    Step 1: Get TD on another device that it hasn’t been played on
    Step 2: Log that new account into a new Facebook
    Step 3: Log your original device onto the new Facebook
    You should now have a new account
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