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Your First Car

Hutch_DemorphicHutch_Demorphic Wrenchmen Posts: 1,085 ✭✭✭✭✭
Saw this being discussed in the Facebook chat.

What was your first car?
Most memorable moment in your first car (keep it clean please!)
Why did you give it up?


  • Hutch_MattHutch_Matt Administrator, Hutch Staff Posts: 294 admin
    1.2l Vauxhall Corsa
    I used to take it off-road down any byway I could find.  You'd be surprised what it could handle!  When I would take it for its MOT, the mechanics would ask me why the underside was dented...  they couldn't understand it.
    Sold it to a mate in the end as I was getting an upgrade (to an escort estate 1.6l) but he hadn't passed his test yet so it sat on the driveway until the engine seized.  Was a very sad way for it to die :(
  • Hutch_DemorphicHutch_Demorphic Wrenchmen Posts: 1,085 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Sounds about as broken as your image link Matt
  • SgtNukerSgtNuker Member Posts: 21
    First car was a white/grey 2001 Buick Regal GS saloon, or as some here might come to call it, a "Yank Tank". I won't lie, it was large, heavy, and didn't particularly like cornering. Then again, it wasn't meant to corner, but cruise the motorway in complete comfort. And it did...for a time. Worst thing about the car was right before I got rid of it, the 4-speed slush box developed a rather nasty habit of slipping after it was put in drive. Once warm, it would shift with no issues, but cold......a neck-snapping jolt would occur. Made me rather sad too, since I liked the big floaty boat. Traded it in for my current '09 Subaru Legacy saloon.

    Underneath the bonnet was a solid lump of American iron, the 3800 Series II, 3,8 litre, supercharged GM V6. Valves actuated by pushrods and an Eaton M90 supercharger sitting in the cylinder valley. It produced 240hp and 280 torques. Getting on to a busy motorway was not hard, though the portly weight and saucer sized discs (though reliable), meant the brake pedal would go all soggy about the middle. 

    Best memory of the car was the first time I gave it the beans and laid my first 11's. Not much smoke, but boy did it put a smile on my face.
  • Hutch_DemorphicHutch_Demorphic Wrenchmen Posts: 1,085 ✭✭✭✭✭
    SgtNuker, you write with fantastic style, great story!
    Hope to hear more from you here.
  • Hutch_MattHutch_Matt Administrator, Hutch Staff Posts: 294 admin
    Got a picture of it SgtNuker?

  • SgtNukerSgtNuker Member Posts: 21
    Unfortunately, I don't. I wish I did, but plop "2001 Buick Regal GS" into Google Images and you'll see the model. From 1998 to 2004 it didn't change much on the outside, but GM did make two trim levels outside of the LS and GS (GSX/LSX & Joseph Abboud).
  • Hutch_DemorphicHutch_Demorphic Wrenchmen Posts: 1,085 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I'll have a shot at it, see how close I get:

  • SgtNukerSgtNuker Member Posts: 21
    Pretty close. I had a peek on the web to see if I could locate a picture, but the one you found was really close. 

    The differences being: 

    1). Didn't have a sunroof/moonroof
    2). Didn't have a front license plate (my state doesn't require them)
    3). Wheels weren't chrome and only had 6 spokes

    Other than that, that's pretty much what I drove.
  • Hutch_DemorphicHutch_Demorphic Wrenchmen Posts: 1,085 ✭✭✭✭✭
    What do you use instead of a number plate, out of interest?
  • SgtNukerSgtNuker Member Posts: 21
    Just a rear plate. That, and the bumper didn't have the holes drilled for a front mounting bracket. Not all states are required to have front and rear plates, though places like New York and California are mandatory.
  • NewbeeNewbee Member Posts: 8
    My first car was a white Chrysler PT Cruiser, with a 2,2 Diesel engine. I changed the wheels from original to black painted Alloy a lowered it to change from a loose saddle to a bit more sporty feel. 
    This is not very common en in Denmark where I live, so it did give quite a bit of attention. Also because he Diesel engine made by Daimler was quit fast, which surprised a few a the signals. 
    Most memorable experience was when I picked up my now wife, then date at the train station a we drove to Egeskov Castle where the owner among other great things have a big collection of old automobiles. Now 8 years later we have two kids and a Mercedes E-class 270 Diesel from 2003. A great family container. And Suzuki Swift 1,3 Diesel that my wife enjoy driving around. 
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