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Anthony I need tips.

derekidderekid Member Posts: 5
Can i have some tips. what is the best upgrades to do on certain cars. Also What should I do will all my "c" cars? What type of cars are best for hill climb and rain. Lastly what advantage does 4wd vs rwd have?


  • SitrusSitrus Member Posts: 47
    I'm not Anthony, but I can help you.. With my english skills ;P (I'm not perfect, yet) I Upgrade my cars MAX/MAX/2.3 but it depends on car... Rainy hillclimb? Hard question. I've always just putted Tailblazer SS or my other off-road cars. But here is what Anothy would say;Last question. I am not 100% Sure about this but, I think 4WD pulls, and RWD pushes. That's why RWD cars are better at drag races than 4WD. Hope this helped. And I hope this is all ;P
  • KanonnieKanonnie Member Posts: 85 ✭✭
    This is from another comment I made: On dry asphalt doesn't really matter. In rain standard tires is best, then all surface. Off-road offroad tires are best (of course), then all surface, then standard. Performance and slick are bad off-road or in the rain, so try not to use those when it rains or when you're off-roading. In rain 4wd is a little bit better than rwd, and that is a little bit better than fwd. When off-road 4wd makes a huge difference so definitely use that. Also when off-road rwd is a bit better than fwd. hope it's clear now and that I didn't make any mistakes.
  • ZenithimZenithim Member Posts: 66 ✭✭✭
    Basically the trailblazer SS can easily win all the hill climb match-up in the campaign. 

    For upgrades, you can also upgrade your car to e.g. 3.1/MAX/3.2
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