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itoll4theeitoll4thee Member Posts: 89
I can touch & hold my profile image. Allows me to save it , view it, set as wallpaper, etc...
But I can not find where/how to change it or upload an image of my own .
Can you give me the guidance I require?

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  • itoll4theeitoll4thee Member Posts: 89
    Ok, maybe it's because I'm on an android phone but none of the things you mentioned appear anywhere that I can find.
    Thnx though
  • itoll4theeitoll4thee Member Posts: 89
    The wheel cog is there but no menu, just a grey ghost screen appears over the top of the screen...oh well

  • LoneWolf2017LoneWolf2017 Member Posts: 5
    I'll try and post some screen shots - I have an iPhone 7 and iPad Pro that I use to play MMXR on.
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