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Multiplayer wrong cars on track

cheetaspeedercheetaspeeder Member Posts: 213 ✭✭✭
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about three weeks ago, on multiplayer I saw Ratical Racer racing against me - on level 13, and when I left the starting gate, he took off...he went right through first the elevator chain, and tore the second one off its wheel, and then when I finished the race, I thought he was way ahead of me, but it showed his time slower...and today, on multiplayer, I saw a replay of our last race that we did and his car was Dune it Up...and when I got to racing him, Dune it Up was on one of the tracks on Alternative and he didn't move at all, just stayed at the starting gate, without moving...but when I got to the finish, it showed that he had a time, too.  Exact same thing happened with another opponent except the car was Muscle Speeder... this might be bug that switches the cars into different tracks, I dont know, its kinda strange...


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