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Game loads indefinitely

LAMASELAMASE Member Posts: 2
I'm playing the game on a Fire Stick, and since a couple of days I cannot play it anymore.
The game starts loading, then the loading animation stops (it is ok, it did even when working), the music starts fading in and then, when I expected the main screen, it shows something like a glitch of the loading screen, the loading animation then starts moving and nothing more happen. 
I pressed every button, forcedstop, cleaned the cache... still nothing!
HELP ME, MY SON IS DESPERATE ...mee too!! ;o) 


  • LAMASELAMASE Member Posts: 2
    Some other info:
    - WiFi is working
    - Other games are ok
    - I waited a long time on the loading screen
  • Hutch_DemorphicHutch_Demorphic Administrator, Hutch Staff Posts: 1,070 admin
    Hi Lamase, if possible can you please contact us through the in-game 'help & support' menu. This will let us see your account ID and hopefully help to resolve this problem.
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