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Audi RQ30 - Why?



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    adms87 said:
    LordNeloz said:
    adms87 said:
    O__VER said:

    But I do think Hutch are a little inconsistent with their labelling. For example, why is the Volvo 850 BTCC a RQ24 Legendary when the Porsche 911 GT1 Race Car is an RQ26 Epic?
    That must be an error because legendaries only start after RQ27.
    Pretty sure that legendaries are not limited by RQ. It depends on the "rarity" of the car. For example the RQ30 Audis are common vehicles in Europe and such not deserving the legendary rank. But the Volvo is rare and special enough to be a legendary car even though the performance is not high enough for higher RQ.
    Pretty sure is an error and is like how I said. That Volvo is the only legendary below rq27 so, either the rq is wrong or the class is wrong.
    LordNeloz is right. There's no error. At launch, Rarity was a mixture of prestige and performance. However, since launch, it has only been performance related and the previous vehicles have been held at their Rarity tiers. It's just a legacy issue.

    To balance this out a little, the RQ rating of cars with a lower Rarity rating have a slightly higher RQ, so TD01055 has made a good observation. These vehicles are less rare and easier to upgrade than they should be, but they are slightly less efficient than other cars for their RQ. I think that strikes a nice balance. If and when we realign cars to their deserved Rarity tiers - their RQ will also realign.
    This is a good explaination, thanks for the clarification. While we’re on the subject, what’s up with the RQ27 Panamera? This cars stats are well below other equivalent RQ26 cars (evo for example). There’s no way the Porsche could beat the evo on the majority of tracks (large assumption but looking at the stats). Has this car had it’s prestige “adjusted” up because it’s a Porsche? I struggle to see how it’s placed at RQ27 based on pure performance as you have claimed. 

    Sorry to get the pitchfork out, but ive just pulled one! I know this has been talked about before but wondered if we could get a similar explainarion from @Hutch_Robin
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