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Highway to Wealth

ThunkcoThunkco Member Posts: 4
i feel like the highway to wealth needs some love, instead of feeling like I am winning I feel like I’m losing. All across the board the game feels like it halts my forward progress, where as in the first game I had at least multiple tracks and vehicles I could work on, this feels like I’m stuck working on a track till I’m bored with it using a vehicle that is maxed out. I guess I’m just saying it feels really grindy. 


  • Kratos4204lifeKratos4204life Member Posts: 4
    I've done nothing but loss the highway to wealth even with wasting 15k gem stew u and ur game at this point ...i can't believe the only way for me to upgrade my car is to gt ur stupid prestige points tht I can only try to gt once a day which is impossible how in the hell do I gt 5 bomb in a row if tht doesn't prove this is a rigged scam then I don't know what does
  • SkunkworxSkunkworx Member Posts: 1
    I agree with both of you but 2 nights ago I got my highway to wealth upto 42 !!! Having previously never got past 10. I got so much it’s ridiculous. Either this was a glitch or a system to keep me playing. Unsure but not complaing about the 1200 medals,2500 workshop, 9 fuel and 20k of gems plus plenty of custom colours all with only 2 bombs (I had no more gems to keep going). Next go I got 7 before I had my 3rd bomb. 

    Still this game is the grind of all grinds. 
  • SlowButSteadySlowButSteady Member Posts: 4
    What is everyone's H2W strategy? I'm always afraid I'm going to lose, so I just collect at 5 or 10. Is everyone else always pushing to 30+? And how good are the rewards at 30?
  • Hutch_DemorphicHutch_Demorphic Administrator, Hutch Staff Posts: 1,022 admin
    Things get a lot better if you can get beyond stage 15, but there's a bit risk on hitting some big bombs. makes sense to me to set a gem limit and dont go past it. Can be frustrating  to lose out early but makes sense to be patient.
  • AsmoAsmo Member Posts: 30
    @SlowButSteady As a rule I invest twice (1200 Gems) per run. Sometimes I end up finished on Turn 5 with nothing, sometimes on Turn 21 with some decent wins. I find it annoying though that Prestige is behind a gambling wall with miserable odds (on average) for getting >100 Prestige per run. Makes me not really play the game much, because I have to wait 24h to try again, so I can pimp my rides to advance...
  • VideoDeadVideoDead Member Posts: 3
    Don't think i've ever managed to get up to 5 without getting bombed
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