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  • willcf15
    Hey, I know this is super late, but I'd be happy to test content if that offer is still open.
  • Bongerman
    I'd like to join in with the testing 
    April 23
  • Conte
     :)  I've seen your post named "Content Testing" and I'm interested in involving in it.
    April 22
  • TheWikiaWriter12
    Hello Hutch_Demorphic. I've seen your post named "Content Testing" and I'm interested in involving in it. I can enter the game every day, and I think I have some spare time. Thank you for your attention.
    April 11
  • Gagaman101
    Hi, during last 2 weeks the game started to crash and had to wait for hours before I had a chance to enter again but the problem was the same. Now it's worse during Hutch loading screen I'm kicked out from the game with a message TOP DRIVES HAS STOPPED and can't enter the game for 48 hours now. Tried all suggestions from troubleshooting and nothing has changed. Please help.
    Device Lenovo TB2-X30L
    Android 6.0.1
    Location Croatia

    April 2
  • sTreeTu
    I have "crash problem" too.
    I have Sony Z5 Compact with Android 7.1. 
    And my location is Poland. 
    April 1
  • Felcas
    I don't  know if this is PM. I hope so.
    I was on the King of the Hill event and suddenly Topdrives started to crash. Never happened before, never had any problem also. 

    What makes me soo frustrated is that I have a difficult time to find events that I stand a chance to win cause I chosed to collect off road cars and when I find one this happen?  I was 2nd in competition I had a very good chance to win this and then just 30 minutes before the event ends, this crash starts? WTF! 

    Please help me get in or if you have authority to do so reimburse me with the prizes, please look at my hand if you can, analyse, I had a good chance to win this one!

    I have a number of videos to prove it is crashing .

    I am attaching the information you normally request to others in cases like this. 

    March 29