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Yeah that's me. I just gave up because I have no trans am. I sold mine before update because I thought it was going to drop to D class because of slicks. Oh well.


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  • RobGripes
    Mate is that you currently struggling in the bracket with me and Fahim at the top of the SR event?

    03621, but i think there may be another guy with the same number. Damn this name bug thing! 

    If that's you try a 969 boxster, 2x datsun, 969 edge and a 996 XJ-S Transam. 
    November 7
    • Jay
      Yeah that's me. I just gave up because I have no trans am. I sold mine before update because I thought it was going to drop to D class because of slicks. Oh well
  • RobGripes
    Is there anything i can do to help? Don't put yourself in danger though
    November 2
  • RobGripes
    Cheers for the wins, and you hit it on the head. He is indeed going for it.
    November 2
  • RobGripes
    Cheers bud, that's very kind. I don't know who he just beat to take 1st position but I hope it wasn't one of our team

    November 2
  • RobGripes
    oooh, interesting, but kinda conflicts with I'll feed someone... confusing.

    Well, let's look out for ourselves, I'm pretty sure my hand beats his anyway

    maybe, stop feeding him for now, and hit the guys in 6th. I'll move up. And if you change your mind and want to go for 1st I don't mind, let's build the gap again and race each other a handful of times and see who's top. Offers always open just let me know haha!
    November 2
  • RobGripes
    Oh yeah? What makes you think that? 

    Needless to say, if he does I'll hit him! I think they're safe now, we should move back up and protect ourselves. At least I will anyway, and I can always donate wins later. 

    November 2
  • RobGripes

    This is a set he can beat my hand.. but next time illI look a bit more closely to see if i can draw instead ofracing one of you guys. I chose you cos we're way ahead and wouldn't hurt our chances
    November 1
  • RobGripes
    No worries buddy, we'll definitely keep working together. Not  problem, but should you ever want to join us the invitation is ongoing. Just a heads-up, at 3.30 (just under an hour) I'm gonna be in a meeting for an hour so we can replenish our tickets again. you won't need to keep checking to see if i've played cos I won't be able to get on.
    November 1
  • RobGripes
    Hey bud, I'm out of tickets. Let's replenish and go again soon! Great teamwork buddy!

    By the way, not sure if anyone asked you before but we have a group on discord that chats and works together in TD. Asia server guys like doupao, jasonong, floop, ad ma, Derek Rod, Bob bao, and now Fahim Hasan just joined us too.

    If you're interested let me know and I'll send you a link. If not really interested no harm done. We always work together with you anyways!
    November 1
  • RobGripes
    My bracket is full now. Jasonong and Doupao also waited
     they're gonna join now
    October 21
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