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  • For @bobdylan
    in Spotted Comment by Gsearch August 19
  • @Keating This forum is not the place for this kind of thing. 
  • UncleGary said: Anyone in this bracket here? I can't believe I'm even in the top 40 with this hand. Is this a cruel prank?? 1st place holder has some really kick **** cards though. Alex (or anyone else), help me out and I'll be your friend!…
  • This event crashed on my when I tried to join.  It gave me a 0-0 score and took one ticket.  Reload and try again, same result, only when I logged back in I had Zero tickets.  Strange.  Sent it up to support.
  • Great.  now that the complaining is done, what about the idea?  The bigger my garage gets, the more I wish there was a feature like this.
  • LittleEnosBurdette said: grandvache said: A bouquet of bland, a trifecta of tedium, a plethora of plain, I give you my nomination for most "meh" spots. What's the protocol with numberplates by the way, should I be obscuring them? …
    in Spotted Comment by Gsearch August 14
  • The only thing yo can do is ask in game support for help.  Not sure if they will, but you can ask.
  • Grossbuckets said: Dont edit harmless posts @Gsearch, we aren't in kintergarden!  And can someone tell me when this happened? Keep your posts appropriate for this forum and there will be no need to edit.
  • grandvache said: I was just whiling away some time in the states and made these amazing ford spots.  I thought you guys would appreciate them. You should be ashamed of yourself.
    in Spotted Comment by Gsearch August 7
  • Jaco said: To make it a bit easier, here is 70% of the full picture They have really fixed this area up a lot! @Jaco @bobdylan
    in Spotted Comment by Gsearch August 7
  • Gonna make me get it...
  • @LEGENDNADA I'm not. I have avoided you guys at all cost.
  • pmglfv said: Gsearch said:  @pmglfv   Well, it wasn't parked there before... Well done, it's the good place! You know the neighborhood? @bobdylan You want to tell him...
    in Spotted Comment by Gsearch August 1
  • Added this to the first page, but thought it should go here aw well. In Game name list: Дима Чебаненко >>>>>>>>>>>>>> chedi Ad Ma >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>…
    in IG NAME LIST Comment by Gsearch August 1
  • LEGENDNADA said: @hillclimber you mean Driver Hall ? I beat hime many times he has a pikes but it's easy for me but I'm not racing him now because he is @Gsearch ? lol Uh, yes, that's me.... Everybody's got jokes these days.
    in IG NAME LIST Comment by Gsearch August 1
  •  @pmglfv   Well, it wasn't parked there before...
    in Spotted Comment by Gsearch July 31
  • @grandvache No. There is zero point in covering the plates. Anyone on that street can see them.  There is not a secret band of thieves that lurk in forums of racing apps looking for people who post pictures of vehicles so they can track you down an…
    in Spotted Comment by Gsearch July 31
  • What's winning in this event.  The 100 RQ has be limiting..
  • milewski1015 said: Destroyer2k11999 said: 033 or 303 for this guy? Leaning towards 033 for my first. Thoughts? Wondering the same thing.. just pulled one of those.
  • @iron_style @erjuito You both need to put in a ticket with in game support.
  • bobdylan said: Ha yes !  Million points to you and  50 body wieght squats to Gsearch , bum too the ground go !!!! 1... 2... 3... Still haven't seen you eating the Hey with the Donkeys...
    in Spotted Comment by Gsearch July 30
  • @bobdylan First one is traveling down interstate 75, just outside of Lexington Kentucky in a Chevrolet Malibu. The second is in a parking garage at the Royal North Shore Hospital in New South Whales just north east of Sydney. Just sayin.
    in Spotted Comment by Gsearch July 29
  • _HighVoltage_ said: Why look for the "end game"? It really doesn't matter.  Right now there are 2 prize cars up for grabs.  One running and one in the coming days.  Most of the prize cars in the list are not really sought after cars and…
  • Ahh, so Olli8888 is my new "disagree-ster"  This event is going to be fun.
  • hillclimber said: NinjaDesignz said: hillclimber said: the second track set is confusing.  4x the new names 1x the old. what's that about? That city streets is the one at monaco I missed that! why haven't they be…
  • Wow.. my bracket is already full and the races are non stop.. lol.  EVERYONE WANTS SOME OF THIS EVENT!
  • I will ride the top 10 train on this one.  I will help anyone I can.