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  • Anyone else play this back in the day??
  • 34 and have never owned anything cooler than a Toyota Corolla What have I done with my life 
  • Happening lots all of a sudden 
    in Game is dead Comment by benbq June 10
  • I am really liking this event so far. RQ limit is low enough that I’m seeing lots of competitive hands and having to use different strategies. This is what this game is all about!!
  • Color me excited for the “top scoots” update 
  • I’m working on a mock-up of what club events might look like in game, but it’s not done yet. Until hutch is ready to dev a major new section of the game we will probably not see anything like that. I am betting 1-2 years before implementation. 
  • Noticed at the end that your weather app says redcar ... so I googled where that is ... noticed you have an ALDI in your town. Much nicer than the one near me in Nixa. So jealous.
  • Plus, part of the beats value comes specifically from its RQ3 status. Bump it to RQ 5 and we will dump it like hot garbage.  Im glad RQ is general and not revealing of car nuances. That would take a lot of the fun out of the game!
  • That makes sense of it. So it's more of a general performance score. In general, the beat will lose to just about everything, though it is outstanding in edge cases. 
  • From my understanding, RQ is calculated by racing each car against various other cars. It’s a rating of a car’s general ability to beat other cars. The more races a car wins in random tests, the higher the RQ. I think some exceptions are cars with o…
  • I actually laughed out loud when the video started with almost a full minute of rustling around. Top work!!
  • I bow to your superior smurfing skills! I’m not even good enough to be the worst at TD! 
  • True good point. You also have a point because it seems this car is made to be sold “off the shelf” with slicks. 
    in McLaren P1 GTR Comment by benbq June 5
  • Well to short list it, anything involving smaller clubs will involve at least: -UI overhaul on main screen -Creation of new UI specific to new mode -Time investment creating mechanics of new game mode -Time invested balancing new game mode -Time inv…
  • Adding slicks could pave the way for more track-only focused cars in the future. But wouldn’t it also mean that this car would absolutely destroy everything else?
    in McLaren P1 GTR Comment by benbq June 5
  • Rice burnin’ smurfs for Porsche event
  • For me it’s good enough to even hear you say that “small squads could happen eventually.” 😁 now how about a battle battle royale mode? Jk!
  • Appreciate the feedback this is getting @Hutch_Robin @LittleEnosBurdette @Phil_Smith.  I can completely identify with the gravity of task that small clubs would bring.  Also from a business standpoint it represents a massive manpower investment for…
  • Yep the beat is a sick car!! I keep as many as I can find 
  • I agree I would love squads or clubs ... but I’m not sure that my dream for them lines up with what hutch is going to implement. The other day Hutch mentioned that it is shooting for the idea that there will only be 3-4 clubs globally, and each play…
  • Well said @Avenged. RQ limits are the only thing making “support cards” matter so a draft mode would have to rely heavily on that. 
  • Here for the bob Dylan posts 
  • Lol my ceramics always look like these last two 😂😂
  • Ok that actually does sound pretty nice 👍
    in NEW Button Idea Comment by benbq June 4
  • I like the idea of this but it’s already sort of implemented with the current save/load hand buttons we currently have. The current system is a little clunky but it’s functional. I wouldn’t say this should be as high of a priority as other QoL like …
    in NEW Button Idea Comment by benbq June 4
  • Just pulled my third 111s so figured I would brag about how awesome my smurf hand is now!
  • I opened 2 ceramics today. Best I got was a RQ 19 lotus. On the bright side, this event’s 3x bonus on RWD has made for some insane win numbers! 
  • Speaking of upgraded cars ... I would just love if ALL upgraded cars could be “locked” by default, and not populate in the fuse lists. Obviously if we could manually click the lock button to unlock a car that would be nice, but I bet most people wou…
  • Yeowch thankfully I was around 2k when i realized what was going on. Competition here is fair so I’m gonna stay until I’m sure it’s safe to move up.
    in I’m Back!? Comment by benbq June 1
  • I don’t think bright gold would be invisible on any of the cards ... plus that would match the gold stars we get for winning races