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  • Indeed. Needs to be changed
  • Thephenomsprint said: Destroyer2k11999 said: mikes said: I’m all alone so far here.  I'm in the same group with you @mikes ! Me too  Great!
  • I finally crawled up near the top. @Goodhews89 and the person in first have phenomenal hands. There’s another one or two good hands up here as well. @milewski1015 your hand is quite strong and very competitive. Let’s see if we can stay up in the top…
    in Jaguar finals Comment by mikes 3:06AM
  • Good thinking. German RQ99
  • Goodhews89 said: milewski1015 said: ZotZe said: Already started and dont noted the tracks. But one is for the offroad car, rest for the jags.... here i know in one set u got wet asphalt and i also remember City Streets in on…
    in Jaguar finals Comment by mikes 1:59AM
  • I’m all alone so far here. 
  • milewski1015 said: @mikes I see you lurking down there in the teens. I assume you’ll be making your way up to the top? I’m coming. So it’s you, me, @Goodhews89. Anyone else? Still working on my Range Rover but I’ll be trying hard for top…
    in Jaguar finals Comment by mikes 1:44AM
  • stvhan said: Is somebody in here? I’m going to enter in 45 minutes. Who knows where I’ll end up. What’s the tracks like? All off road?
  • Anybody run these yet? I’m still in fusapalooza and not sure which Jags to use. 
  • Hutch_Tim said: Huacanacha said: Pro tip: the first run through for an event you get the four track sets as the first four races. After that it’s random. I was waiting for someone to notice that! I noticed it months ago a…
  • Well, I started buying those Land Rover packs to get some food for my fusing and I pulled two 5.0 V8 Range Rovers. Time to switch up all my fusing. 
  • I bet it’s more a straight line rocket than the numbers suggest. 
  • Are there just three people in there? lol
  • So @Destroyer2k11999 and @Thephenomsprint are toying with me and letting me sniff the top two positions...before destroying me at the end.
  • I would guess a lot of it has to do with torque. The 1979 Escort has almost double the torque with similar weight. Hard to put the power to the ground off of the line in loose conditions like that.
  • eSeal said: Same here! But sometimes the prizes were re-issued when entering the events page. Yes, the prize cards do eventually get offered. Sometimes up to an hour later.
  • Ok, I think we have this wrapped up @ATSR_997.  I’m hoarding 45 Rare cards and over $90K in cash to upgrade the two+ super rares we will receive. 
  • Numar said: Damn city streets... dont have that skyline Ford Escort is quite good there
  • ATSR_997 said: lemmings99o said: What are the track sets? 4 asphalt 1 dirt My Escort Rallies are getting a workout this week. 
  • mikes said: Huacanacha said: I barely remember to check other sections of the forum as is. I think if it’s not under General it will get buried. And people will create event threads in general anyway. Maybe a better solution is to pin…
  • Huacanacha said: I barely remember to check other sections of the forum as is. I think if it’s not under General it will get buried. And people will create event threads in general anyway. Maybe a better solution is to pin event threads while …
  • CometDan said: It’s a bit crazy if no one can race each other, I’m all for helping out forumers but you’ve got to be able to play the game. It only really matters when prize cars are on the line anyway. Just my opinion  This is why I’m q…
  • HeissRod said: Getting ready to push the button on a final fuse for my '79 Escort.  Which way is better, on average?  303 or 033?  Both have the same 0-60 & Grip stats. Mine are both 303. I don't recall losing anything to other tunes…
  • HeissRod said: Mettiti said: Apparently I'm the only one who doesn't have an ultra rare Jag.... I got an E type  Rip I'm running the C-class XKSS.  Honestly, it sucks using that car and trying to stay in the top 10. I'm …
  • I'm torn. I really only check GD so it might be best to keep it here. Maybe a sub-forum within GD?
  • Hutch_Demorphic said: We have only 3 guys in Nova Scotia so you wouldn't have much company Ok, I'll start a Toronto chapter.
  • We need the Subaru 360
  • Huacanacha said: My final tier PURE Challenge hand... this will probably do it: Note: my second tier was not pure. For shame. It's funny, I'm in the same boat. Not pure in tier 2,3 and 4. But tier 5 no problem.
  • Hutch_Demorphic said: Wait, is this one of those ironic threads? Can I get a job at Hutch when I'm fired today from trying to keep up with all six events? I'll move over to Nova Scotia.
  • flight4590 said: @mikes some people don’t seem to like me, gimme a hand here I'm doing what I can but it's a battle up top. I'm sure both @Destroyer2k11999 and @Thephenomsprint will both pass me when all is said and done.