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  • grandvache said: @Ofirm84 @Chacha63 @Tesseracthh as far as possible I do not drive against one of you.
  • Kasplant said: Started from the bottom now we are here? just leave me alone please.. currently first but you definitly have the better hand @Tesseracthh no problem the 2nd or 3rd or 4th place is enough for me too. I did not realize that…
  • what did you have in the winner package ?   
  • Jaco said: I wasn't sure if you wanted to be pushed up more. But you can push me down, that is ok. I will loose my races against you, maybe I can even win some . With your cars you can stay on top, but we could make some fun, starting from now…
  • Jaco said: @Tesseracthh ich lasse dir alleine. Es hat kein Zweck zu Streiten wegen einen Aluminium. Ich senke meine Punkten, + 500 punkte für nur einen Aluminium ist Wahnsinn.  If you have too many points, I can offer you a few laps a…
  • Jaco said: @Tesseracthh too bad top prize only for 1st. Let's hope Hutch will change the prize into top prize for 1st + 2nd. Seeing the other hands, I think we will stay save in 1 + 2. people still have 2 days to fusion and buy packages.…
  • who is everything in my group?
  • TD01055 sagte: Erinnst du niemanden hier, irgendwelche Nehmer? I am with you in the group @TD01055 , @Chedi , @Goshko
  • @ZotZe David Engels >>>@Djehoetie is also in the group with us translated by Google
  • ZotZe said: If there are more Forum ppl in my bracket pls Raise your hand and tell me your IG name, so we can avoid and work together to ovtain our goals. I am here too Ingame tesseracthh
  • TreyWelsh said: @Tesseracthh is with us too. Don't be mad with me, but i will race against second or third to get money, cars and points. that's the best win   
  • against whom should I drive now? Googlü translate   TD01055 ,Tsjerk , Jamanio
  • Tesseract HH ​​in game Germany , Deutschland