If my opponent can fly over the finish line right from the start - why can't I? Equal rights for everyone! #hilldash2bugthings


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  • And again: Level 36: Opponent with Amphibian GT!
  • Soooo, at what point will we get re-imbursed for all those gems we wasted just to get to another win streak due to this nonsense?
  • Nice job! My phone has a serious lag for screenshots. Happened to me again on Level 33. Another Win Streak wasted. Maybe the "airborne opponent"-bug is a "win streak controlling"-bot gone rogue? From 385m to 0m in less than 4 seconds? I…
  • The old ones are not useless though, quite the opposite since you will need way more than 3 cars of one class in order to stay competitive in higher ranks. Sometimes I have the same course 5-6 times out of 10 (please work on course appearance freque…
  • Well done, Hutch Support!
  • BUG CONFIRMED! Tropical Sunset (I think lvl 31?) -> I was wondering why anyone would choose a Monster for this kind of Level, and lo and behold - after 5 seconds in the Monster looked like it would explode and then, it kinda did, only that …
  • Nicely done
  • I see your point, but I would argue that RNG is not the opposite of skill, but rather takes a new set of skills to master it. Personally I try to approach RNG with probabilities in mind, so if I figure out how to best get past my personal nemesis "e…
  • After the checkpoint it is important not to jump too far over the lanes, but rather break before the top and try to smoothly run down - I just tried it with a fully upgraded Micro and made it in 1:03:35, so it is possible after a little practice to …
  • Playing Highway 2 Hell....wait...that doesn't sound right....ehhh...Highway 2 Wealth On another thread a couple of us have discussed it a bit including strategies. I will post some personal statistics in 1 month or so. Hope that helps
  • Nice job @SlowButSteady I plan on putting all stats into my statistics software to analyse the data-structure and make pretty graphs to share here, as soon as I hit 100 date entries (I'm at 56 now). 100 makes everything beautifully easy to put in pe…
    in Highway to Wealth Comment by Asmo July 4
  • My average so far is End Turn 13, 2000 gems, 110 prestige, 105 paint per day plus a fuel in (so far) 16 out of 50 runs. My personal record so far is Turn 46, which gave me 41175 gems, 420 prestige and 3338 paint and 2 fuels. It was very exciting and…
  • Yesterday I noticed my opponent managing to dive through the water at the end of level (I think) 31, completely ignoring the boards on top of the water, who had to trigger his explosion antenna thingy, but didn't. Soooo, are all opponents real peopl…
    in Versus Arena Comment by Asmo June 26
  • I always thought the points express the distance between yourself and the opponent at the time of the finish. So if it's really close, for whatever reason, you can end up with less points than your opponent, even though you finished first. I could b…
  • I have a strict 2 buyback rule, which lets me leave every time I failed twice in H2W. This gives me about 100 prestige on average per day, which for me is "too much" in terms of having all cars maxed out in time, because levelling up all the 2nd evo…
    in Prestige Comment by Asmo June 26
  • Thanks to you @Blue2moro, I just realized that I only need another star and not another finished final boss in order to proceed to Japan! I'm dumb *bwahahar* I will come back to it later then when I have a more suited car. Thanks for caring
  • I assume what happened was that other players (with the displayed scores of zero, which seemed to be a recent bug) overtook me while I was under the impression of being #1 ... seems to work fine now though, thanks
  • I think they only use runs from players who didn't crash, going from wood to silver league I feel like the the progression appears fairly distributed - was easy first, gets gradually more competitive...I too skip tracks that give almost no XP or I k…
  • I'm aware of filters and the rewind button thank y'all doesn't help to browse through a proper card collection like it should though...why not a simple scroll button at the bottom, that can be pushed both ways? a filter for level/class numbers/lett…
  • Yes, that's the issue I'm having. No way of knowing where the competition is. Thinking finishing 1st place and ending up on 4th is not fun ;( Glad it's getting looked at!
  • Ahhhhh that's more like it
  • I found this in the FAQs in the ‘main menu’: Hope that helps! 👍🏼
  • If there was a technical error, I'm sure you will get your money back. Hutch seems to be a customer friendly company, it might just take some time till they get to our comments on here. Good luck, mate!
  • If you specifically bought gems to continue Highway 2 Wealth (like many of us did as well) - and it failed to reconnect your run, I am sure you are eligible for a refund based on a technical error. I assume it takes a while to get through all those …
    in Deiter Wuttke Comment by Asmo May 24
  • It's because it always respawns at midnight, no matter when you play it. Why can't I delete posts on here? ^^
  • Thanks @Vona112! Thanks @CasualMobileGamer: I got your channel subscribed already, mate!
  • @SlowButSteady As a rule I invest twice (1200 Gems) per run. Sometimes I end up finished on Turn 5 with nothing, sometimes on Turn 21 with some decent wins. I find it annoying though that Prestige is behind a gambling wall with miserable odds (on av…
    in Highway to Wealth Comment by Asmo May 16
  • It worked, I got my gold medal and am now in stone league, thanks! ...but I also got a bronze medal for 2nd place last season? 3rd place was >400k away at the end, could that be a bug - or did someone managed to create 400k in less than an hour?