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  • Hutch_Tim said: Just to clear up any ambiguity: the whole Austin series will be PvE challenges, including the final challenge that awards the Moby Dick. I am tentatively loving this statement to bits. FINALLY something decent that isn't…
  • Absolutely agree with @TGPD that I'm not liking this shift towards absolute PTW where you need to have 5 of a particular tag to even enter, which of course conveniently just got released. Heck, this whole "American Dream" tag is even more stupid. W…
  • willcf15 said: 43MK4 said: willcf15 said: [Removed for length] What kind of data do u need to run a car in your simulator? * a full power and torque curve - I use 10 - 20 points on the curve to put into excel, then run a…
  • Hey I'd like it. Almost 8 months into the game on a regular basis and not a single S tier.
  • Car locking and anywhere-placement are very, very welcome QOL changes. Well done Hutch dudes!
  • Ah **** no Nismo Petrol still. And I really want that R32. Sighface.
  • Hey Hutch, is there a drawn line separating Low from Medium? Yes, item no. 32 is gutting. It's what made the Z/28 so special. But if it has to be done, would you be able to share your yardstick? I.e. how do you decide for sure if a car is Low or Med…
  • I actually like it. Right now it's too mathematical. I mean, no big issue with playing it as is but I wouldn't mind a wrench thrown into the mix.
  • Or events could comprise of a varied trackset instead of Asphalt Asphalt Asphalt Asphalt Asphalt so that you can't just dunk 5 S tier PER and wrap it up.
  • Learn what are the good lower RQ cars. Max them. Wait for low RQ event. DOMINATE. ??? PROFIT!!11!!11!!
  • Well I don't want to speculate too much, but perhaps Hutch takes a look and see if the mistake is plausible or possibly an abuse of Support to change a tune? Not accusing anyone here just pondering. Like if the car was fully maxed or just mildly wr…
  • I'm shocked that there aren't many people listing Pagani as one of their 0/XX manufacturers.
  • Disappointed. 5x Ford 5x Asphalt basically means throw all your S tiers without much thought. Well I'll join and hope for top 900.
  • @O__VER Am in your bracket. Currently 2nd. Truce? Lol.
  • Appreciate a quick fix. Irritating bug is irritating. The only temp solution is the do something that adds cash, which will force the cash counter to correct itself until you spend anything again.
  • ManUtdTobbe said: EricB said: ManUtdTobbe said: EricB said: ManUtdTobbe said: Yeah i dno what Hutch is supposed to do about this.  Maybe not let a robot chat with me Okay, sure... But you said you…
  • Feedback thread that's nothing but negatives? Okay lemme add 1 big positive - I really like how the tier 2 prize, though not event exclusive, was a new and useful car. Really makes being a runner-up that much more palatable than the useless A tier …
  • For once I cannot complain about my pulls at all lol. 4 packs, 2x Furai and 2 of arguably my favorite cars in the world. Finally a well spent bit of mini-whaling. 
  • The Mazdaspeed6 is one of my favorite Mazdas and if what you're saying is true, then it's disappointing that it's misrepresented in TD. At the very least it should be a 4WD like in real life. That said, I think the Sleeper tag was given more for it…
  • Omg yes? I've been wanting a name change for some time but Hutch had shared previously they had some trouble with the way TD pulled data from the DB, thus it kept pulling an old name even though they helped reset.
  • Bought 2. 2x Evo 1 which I already have 2 of. Definitely a big regret since I was hoping for any Evo 10 other than the useless red one. Ugh.
  • 2 CF, 1 Ceramic, and my first Mazda pull came from the Challenge prize board. Hey at least it's a cool one! A FC3S to boot, not too unhappy. Not sure about it stat-wise though, but I'm just looking forward to a FD3S 😉
  • sTreeTu said: Could anyone explain why Uno Turbo or Chevette HSR or Civic Type-R are not hothatches? The Civic Type-R (at least the '97 EK9 and '05 FN2R) should also be Street Racers. Neither are. Mind = blown.
  • Hutch_Demorphic said: Just to chip in some additional info. One thing we are careful not to do is give an explicit date on when an update will drop. There's many factors involved and often they are out of our hands. I realise that as soon as we…
  • Strong hands so far seem to be 2 speedy 4WDs and 3 grippy off roaders. Lack of speedy 4WDs is doing me in here lol.
  • HeissRod said: Avenged said: 23 looks pretty impossible without some Porsche SUVs... I can swap the TBSS for a McLaren but that means I lose the Silvia and I simply don't get enough points back, the 911 turbo from the 3rd race is impos…
  • 23 looks pretty impossible without some Porsche SUVs... I can swap the TBSS for a McLaren but that means I lose the Silvia and I simply don't get enough points back, the 911 turbo from the 3rd race is impossible to beat with my garage too. Oh well.…
  • Generic B tier RWD PER with sad stats. Wow 100 days for this. Inspiring.
  • Ah just fused my 3rd STI away last week.
  • Nissan Silvia 240RS