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  • Cabriolet Event Prize Awarding

    There has been a problem processing prizes for many players in the Cabriolet Event. Particularly in the 100-125 RQ bracket.
    We are working on fixing this now and getting these prizes out to you as soon as possible.
  • Re: Late league entry

    Mettiti said:
    Same with the finish. Where I live, the events finish at 3:00am in the morning. I was 8th in the epic event before I went to sleep and when I woke up my rank dropped to 13th and I missed the ceramic. Hutch please change the timing of the ending of the event. 
    They should have regional event start/end times
    I agree
    I enjoy sleeping more than playing this game 
    We did change the event start and end times to be more in line with peak times when most players are online and racing. Unfortunately this of course doesn't suit those of us who are not in those peak time zones.
    Potential solutions would be different event times in different shards. Not saying this is going to happen would would make that final drive at the end of the event much more exciting for more players.
  • Re: January Bug Fix Update Discussion

    Danny said:
    Can I have a refund on my r8. It seems to be broken
    McLaren 12c beating the R8. Looks accurate to me!

    sherby90 said:
    I'm not saying they should, but why 2 different forums? lol
    At the moment there's no plan to unite the 2 different forums or have them mirroring the same content.
    It's more work, but the two forums are serving fairly different purposes.

    In-game forums has been a good place for more urgent announcements and messaging. Also good for sharing video captured on device.
    The web forums have a long-established and more hardcore userbase. Posts tends to be in longer-form and better set up for more detailed discussion.
  • Re: New Event: Mercedes Qualifiers / Porsche Event is Coming

    TomTurbo said:
    tichoblin said:
    luket22 said:
    tichoblin said:
    If I don't update before the end of event will I stay in my initial bracket?
    It said it will force update within 24 hours 
    Forced update means that I won't be able to login. But it doesn't mean I will be moved to the new bracket. I'm fine not to play for a day if I stay in the old bracket:)
    You can update the client and still stay in the old bracket until you do your first race. Atleast that's how it worked in the past.
    In terms of moving across to a new shard it feels like its better to do it sooner rather than later in order to see how the leaderboard looks.