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  • Re: "Your comment will appear once it is approved"?

    Yes your account was flagged by one of the admins for being toxic and some comments abusive. This was the reason for needing to wait for comment approval. Part of the functionality of these forums is that it can limit the ability of flagged accounts to make posts and replies.

    Ultimately, we want a community based on discussion and open dialogue. We are very open to discussing our games and listen to everything said by players on the forums. If you find that you are getting angry and frustrated, it might be a good time to move onto something else.
  • Re: In-game Forums for Top Drives

    Thanks for the great feedback on this, much appreciated.
    We will update you as plans progress as plans progress and we make a decision.
  • Re: Winning by 3 stars

    Surely you must know this before starting the round?!
  • Re: Any of you watch F1 ?

    Who couldn't get excited by the start in Singapore! Tons of action.

    By the way, give a follow to Hutch_Agentbleu on Instagram, one of the Hutch guys and mad about F1 and posting a lot of really nice images with some great insights.

  • In-game Forums for Top Drives

    Hi guys,
    I want to put a question to you around a feature we are considering.
    In Race Kings, we have implemented an in-game forum and community platform. We are thinking about the benefits of adding this to Top Drives. The in-game forums allow for a variety of features such as:

    - Accessing forums in-app, without leaving the game
    - Posting rich media - videos and screenshots directly
    - In-game friends list, direct messages and private chat to other players
    - In-game contests and giveaways

    It would be good to get your thoughts on the approach. At the moment this is not a tool we have developed internally, so the features are fairly set. Feel free to discuss within the thread.