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  • Re: Update - Rollout delayed for iOS

    themouts said:
    Final fantasy exvius is free and there comp  even for 1 hours delay for an update  an aluminium pack would be ok im not that greedy
    The update was planned and messaged as coming between 4th - 7th.
    We are still on track for this.
  • Update - Rollout delayed for iOS

    After pushing the new update out to 50% of players on Android devices we experienced some issues. We have managed to progress and push  to 100% on Android.

    Unfortunately we have not yet managed to deploy the update on iOS. We estimate that we will push to iOS early tomorrow morning (UK time).

    Apologies for the delay.
  • Challenge Points Balancing

    Another change sneaking into the Porsche Update will be some changes to the way points are calculated across various challenges.
    Some challenges are fairly harsh, resulting in a big points deficit. Others rarely reward many points, regardless of the victory margin (Car Park anyone?).
    These are minor tweaks that have been tested for balance and will make it into the Porsche Update.

    Car Park    20% increase
    Indoor karting    5% increase
    100-150    10% decrease
    30-130    10% decrease
    50-150    10% decrease
    75-125    10% decrease
    1/4 mile    10% decrease
    1/2 mile    10% decrease
    1 mile    10% decrease
  • Change to the Porsche Release

    We’ve taken the decision to hold back the Challenge Mode content for an additional week after the main Porsche release (taking place this week).

    The main reason for this is to perform further testing and ensure the quality of the overall release. It’s a complex feature and rather than delay the whole update by a further week, it will come as an additional supplementary update shortly after.

    Main Porsche release will happen this week. Challenge Mode will follow approx. one week later.

  • Re: Offroad carbon Fiber Sale

    Err anybody from Hutch tell me how this is my ultra rare 4WD from the pack I just bought in the offer? :neutral:
    It's a nice car, not 4WD of course!
    The pack states: "At least 1 ultra rare or better 4WD & 1 super rare or better 4WD". Probably means other cars in the pack met those criteria.