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  • Jaguar / Landrover Patch Notes

    Jaguar / Landrover Joins the Game

    We welcome Jaguar and Landrover into the Top Drives universe, which just became a whole lot more luxurious. 8 Land Rovers, all of which are 4WD with Off-Road and All-Surface capabilities. 25 Jaguars will also join the game, including 2 reserved prize cars and 4 new legendaries.

    The Land Rover Defender 90 is the product of 67 years of development and one of the most iconic British off-road vehicles. The doors are draughty and it has limited first pick capabilities in Top Drives, but it's still a must-own card in our opinion.

    The 'ludicrously powerful' Range Rover sport is here, because why not. The RR Sport SVR is an All-Surface luxurious and huge SUV with immense power (The most powerful Land Rover in the company’s history). It’s a beast, but turns like an oil tanker and not recommended for slalom tracks. With power and 4WD it will be a sought-after prize when the event arrives. It will easily pick up the kids from school and granny from the top of a mountain, all while listening to the Best of Phil Collins in glorious climate-controlled warmth.

    The Jaguar XE SV Project 8 is the most extreme performance Jaguar ever made. With a 5.0 litre supercharged V8 engine and production limited to just 300 cars worldwide, it’s rarer than an accurate VW emissions test, and more aggressive than a pitbull on crack. It has lapped the Nordschleife in 7min 21.23sec, making it “the fastest ever time by a four-door sedan in production-intent specification.” It's a very specific category, but doesn't change the fact that this is a very fast car with immense agility.

    The XJ 220 is the second Jaguar prize car. A two-seater supercar, of which 275 were made. It’s inclusion in Top Drives is not without controversy. Give us your thoughts below!

    What else is happening in this update?

    New Events Version

    We’ve updated the engine driving multiplayer events. Look out for multiple criteria events, new bonus points features and full support for max hand quota.

    Visual changes to card packs

    Packs received a facelift. Now colour-coded for consistency and with some reordering in the store to more accurately reflect pack popularity. What do you think of the changes?

    New Track

    We’re also unveiling the brand new Canyon environment with a mix of on and off-road races. Look out for it in Events and Challenges soon.

    Car Corrections

    No changes to car RQ or rarity came in with this update. Many of you will be pleased with this 'news'.

    iPhoneX Support

    Top Drives now supports the iPhoneX format.

    Other bug fixes

    • Pink track on Twisty Road (Ice) has been fixed

    • Challenge mode prizes were sometimes not being delivered until the game was rebooted. This has been fixed.

    • Some issues with French translations being cut off, have now been fixed.

    • Sometimes the final card in the ‘offload carbon fibre pack’ was not a 4WD. This has been fixed.

    • Challenge Mode home page panel was sometimes not updating after the event expired. When clicked it was kicking players back to the main menu. This has been fixed.

  • Re: New patch notes?

    A bit harsh guys!

    Random Account Rests - A very small percentage of players encounter this kind of issue with any version update. It's not limited to Top Drives, it's a general problem for almost any complex game. That said, we take it seriously and our support team will do their best to get any lost account back in order.

    Dailies - One day without dailies following a patch has been mainly a precautionary measure. Events will be coming back thick and fast into the stream.

    New random event start / end times - They couldn't be less random given the current capabilities of our events tools. They have been set up to reflect when the majority of players will be online. Occasionally this might get out-of-phase due to patching and updates but generally in the right place.

    Patch Notes - These will be posted ASAP, sorry for the delay.
  • Re: Which LandRovers

    Here's all from Top Drives
  • Re: Which LandRovers

    lovely range rover renovation, looking good!
  • Free pack issue (14th Feb)

    We are aware of an issue with some of the free packs that went live since the update.
    In some cases player will have redeemed the free pack but also generated a purchase of the same pack, resulting in receiving 2 packs worth of cards and losing the currency cost of one pack.

    It's also likely that these cards have gone straight into your holding pool (no pack opening).

    These packs have been pulled down now. We are working now to see who has been affected and what further steps need to be taken.