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  • Re: Cool car sightings

    Oh man, I love Koenigseggs.  The CCX is one of my all time favourite cars!
  • Re: Two Timer...

    You are one of the lucky few who reached a certain amount of stars and qualified for two timer stunt rewards before we fixed the bug.  For 98% of people it is fixed, but for the hardcore 2% who were far in the game when the bug first occurred, it unfortunately still happens.
    That said, you will have a great head start when set 6 is released and you have access to two timer!
  • Re: Lost all my data game has reset

    Hey, well that's just not true, we have an average response time of 8 hours, 7 days a week and care very deeply about the quality of our customer support.  That said, I am concerned to hear you had a poor experience so will look into this as a priority.  
    To help me find the ticket you logged I will need to know; your in-game user ID, the title of the message, or if you emailed us, then then email address used (or  just the first part of it, before the @, if you don't want to post it here).

  • Re: Why does the bridge break when i fucking land on it in big air snow mayhem?

    Hey Landconquerer.  Those bridges are weak and the vehicle is very heavy so any big impact will break the bridge.  If you drive slowly and do not stress the bridge too much then you will make it across in the APC.
    Good luck!
  • Re: Will you please raise the upgrades too 15 or 20

    It's a good suggestion but if we changing the tracks now would break quite a few things;  such as track records, and any recorded ghosts.  As with any major changes to our games, we have to consider the risk versus the reward.  That said, we are noting all of this feedback, so if we were to build a sequel or integrate a similar system into Hot Wheels Race Off then we would bare all of these suggestions in mind.