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  • Re: Can we get rid of servicing cars please

    TheDoctor said:
    DomesticM said:
    I don't know about you guys, but when I was playing career I found it to be really frustrating when you can't use the cars over and over again due to the cars needing a 'service' to continue. I know it's to promote a change in cars in your deck but it's one of those things that sounds good on paper but in reality it just doesn't work. 
    It works perfect. You can pay for instant servicing with gold. You can buy gold with real world cash. When is everyone going to realise this game is a business more than its for your enjoyment :flushed:
    The point of making a game is to make money. The enjoyment is just a hook for paying. The devs are just there to hook you up for some more money. Have you ever heard of "fishing"? 
  • Most efficient way to gather Ceramic money?

    Guys, I've found out what might be a better path to gather ceramics excluding those from events.
    1. Save up all your cars. Crappy cars also included
    2. Save up about 20-30 depends
    3. Sell all of them that serves no purpose
    4. You'd get the cash for one.
    I've been doing this and still didnt get good drops, but they will appear one day. One process like this takes a week or so, without spending too much time. Getting the rare cars from prize boards are the best way to get the cars. If you get the cash instead you will spend it without realizing it and you won't be in a financial crisis if you save up cars. Though you do need a big garage for this 
    Just sharing xperience  :)
    Share your thoughts and maybe your methods. Just curious.
  • Re: Is there any advantage on this car?

    80s event or brittish 4 sure
  • Re: bmw m3 vs honda civic type r vs honda accord euro r

    Accord is a trusty slalom weapon
  • Re: Which manifacturer would fit in the game? (Your opinions)

    LOOOOOL! ↑ @TGPD thanks for the good laugh lol. That's actually a great suggestion. I'd like the 037!
    Add rally tracks please not just Rallycross and motocross. Those -cross tracks makes me cross.