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Hutch games that I am playing
  • Re: @Hutch my complaints

    MikeManNZ said:
    It depends on if you want a game that is fun and engaging or 100% accurate.

    If 100% accurate then we need to be able to buy specific cars.  If not then Game Balance is more important to me than 100% accuracy.
    Actually you have a good point.

    I am a guy who likes accuracy and realism. But then again I can completely understand that if the Chiron shows it's TRUE colors in the game, it would be so OP on a drag race that no one without a Chiron would have a chance against it. Maybe that's why they nerfed the Huayra a bit.
    They must have taken the inspiration from CSR2 where the same tier cars are just basically the same with just a different badge and bodykit. all the S class car, in a nutshell, is basically the same.
  • Re: No events available

    Noxialis said:
    Let's not throw the "intentional rank dumping" needlessly around here, okay?  :) Again, MP is broken as it is and if you're even willing to dump your own rank to see what situation he is in at the moment then you'd also understand why he's left with just 600 trophies.
    In the new update, there is clear indication of how many RQ and trophies you need to get into that event, so, improvement!
  • Re: I want 2 more!

    kevwang97 said:
    @GT47LM it has so much power that it actually skips all the bumps on the motor cross track. 
    It probably took off
    "Good morning tower, climb to 6000ft" :D
  • Re: Give us an under 1000 kg event

    Numar said:
    Yeah an under 1000kg off road event , would be fun
    Hey my Datsun will qualify
  • Re: Mustang Power Pack

    Duncan1 said:
    Cheers chaps. I'll leave the upgrades as I'd need to sacrifice some good cars. I'll keep it for USA though. Appreciate the feedback. Just never seen a fully tuned one. 
    Just do it for 'murrica