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I bring some questions and reports about my experience in the current season of the game that I would like to understand. I've been reading some posts from other players but I haven't found anything to explain or help me understand what happens to me.

This will be very long ...

From the start.

I started the game, updated the initial 2 drivers (GIO and LAT) as much as possible, but I was always at the end of the pack. Until then, nothing unusual for me, I had a bad car and 2 very limited drivers. I developed the car in such a way that I considered some results to be a little better and I was able to unlock some better drivers like KYV, NOR, RUS and MAG (the idea was to ride and finish in positions like 15th, 16th (see that it was nothing so absurd).

However, no combination of pilots was effective and I tested all possible configurations of pairs but the result was always the same: when one ride a little better the other, almost invariably, ride between the 22nd and 24th. I then discovered that I could use CC points to unlock parts and pilots and, already tired of testing the pilots I had and not having the slightest gain in performance, I unlocked RAI.

Again I started to test the pilots looking for the best pair for RAI but that was when I ran into another “trap” of the game: each time I changed the pair, the rookie had a good performance and RAI plummeted to the end of the grid (not that before it was much better but it was common to ride and classify between 15), from the second or third race back to “normal” with RAI having a better performance.

In this scenario I came to the conclusion that it seemed obvious at that time: I need another top driver. I used CC points again and unlocked HAM. There, problem solved!
Negative! The game's behavior followed the same: In the first race HAM was much better and RAI fell to the end of the grid. And so they were alternating in the other races. When one was a little better the other was much below average. At this point the car already had enough updates to run smoothly between positions 10 and 15.

I tested all possible variations with my 2 best drivers and did not reach the minimum of reasonable performance in view of the driver and car statistics, the scenario was always the same: the novice driver had a performance above the first race and the TOP (HAM or RAI) were much lower than normal, in the following they normalized but always with one ride much worse than the other, regardless of the configuration of the pairs.

I tried to give priority to the drivers with greater value in consistency and management, something that worked well in the 2019 season but I also had no success.

In some very specific cases the drop in the pilot's skills was notable. For example, in a race HAM ride in 22nd on the final 2 laps trying to overtake an Mclaren (or another car slower than mine), with no success, even with the pressure guidance activated. In another case, was not able to overtake a slower car, in the straight of the pits in brazil, also with the pressing orientation activated.

These facts make me ask:

- Is there a relationship of influence on the pilots of the team?
- Does the position of Pilot 1 or Pilot 2 influence the performance of the pilot?
- What is the relationship between the ‘consistency’ ability and the pilot’s performance? Because I noticed a very large variation in pilots with a high value in this skill.

Anyway, I have played a lot but, until now, I didn't understand what the logic is, how the game mechanics work in relation to the pilots' performance. This is quite frustrating and has made the gaming experience very unpleasant for me.
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