Lotus Mk1 Cortina RQ14

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The lotus has been launched in 1963 (December, so I guess for the 1964 model year)

The car is dated from 1967 on the card, which correspond to the launch of the Cortina Mk2

"1966 Oct Mk2 Cortina replaces Mk1"

To confirm, Hutch does not want to display the Special Equipment Option ? (More powefull)

Anyhow, the acceleration need a small bump


We can see that the 0-60 is closer to 10.0 than 11.0 and also the 1/4 mile is before 18sec

I saw and add at 30sec for the 0-100, sadly it is just an ad, but we can see on the curb that we should be close to the 30sec

Here are the in-game result

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