Caterham Seven 420 and Caterham Seven 360

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I'm not sure if this has been looked into before on the corrections forum, so admins feel free to delete if this has already been discussed.

For transparency, I do not currently own the two cars that I am proposing changes to.

My main source for most of this information is the Caterham website (US Version: ) unless otherwise noted.

All Caterhams come with one of two packages. "S" for streetability, or "R" for Racing prowess. In Top Drives, the only current (2015) Caterham that notes this is the Legendary Caterham Seven 620R. That makes one believe the 420, 360, and 270 are the S version in the game. 

The Seven 420 and Seven 360 have the same exact wording as the Seven 270 (standard tires in TD).  The Caterham website says the S version come with Avon ZT5 tyres and Avon ZZS tyres are optional upgrades to the car and do not come standard. When I looked up Avon ZT5 tyres on the Avon tyres website ( ) This is what I found:

The Avon ZZS tires are a unique tire that is made for performance on both wet and dry tracks. Link to Avon ZZS tires website (  ). Therefore a case could potentially be made that the ZZS tire may qualify as a standard tire in TD.

I was messing around with the "build a car" tool on their website. For a Caterham Seven 420S (S pack) you can see below the included tires and the optional upgrades.

When you select the upgraded tires, it even changes the tires in the image.

Below are the tire options when you pick the R pack option of the Seven 420:

The same goes for the Seven 270 (already standard tire in the game) as well as the Seven 360.

To me, this leads to two potential outcomes if Hutch desires accuracy in their game. Either Hutch changes the name of these Caterhams to include R, or the tires get changed to standard.

As I mentioned above, if this has already been a topic in here, feel free to close this post. I did search the forums and was not able to find anything quickly. I have presented my case, now I will sit back and enjoy the comments below. 


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