Suggestion: Versus Gameplay

Was thinking about a new gameplay where we can play all the day without getting bored and got something cool if Hutch wants to look into it. 

Versus events :
Where you can spend one ticket for 2000 cash to play with an online opponent in the same range of trophies (not more than 5000 trophy difference), both of you will get the same random trackset and have 30 seconds to place your cars in these tracks, five random tracksets and who gets the more points wins 5000 cash, to avoid high ranked players and strong garages making alot of money: only 5 versus tickets every 2.5hrs like normal events and no more than 5000 trophies difference between both opponents with random different tracksets everytime.


Like the versus event idea but only done every week where players at the same trophy level (10’s 20’s 30’s etc) can register to the championship before it starts, and a knockout system starts till one player wins the first place and gets say a carbon fiber and some cash and the second gets ceramic and so on.

I know these ideas are easy on paper but difficult to apply by devs but it will change the whole gameplay from certain events and same boring time of events to a full day gameplay. 

Any thoughts guys?


  • PaquaPaqua Posts: 40 ✭✭
    This kind of system would be great. A monthly/weekly season where you get rewarded based on the rank you have at the end of the season.
  • lemmings99olemmings99o Posts: 1,719 ✭✭✭✭✭
    While the versus event would be fine, the issue I see is the championship part where packs etc are available. That would be another reason for people to try and limit their trophies in order to match against newer players for easier wins.
    A possible fix for that and what a lot of other games do is have the higher ranked brackets having better prizes in order to incentivise people to increase their trophies in order to qualify for the better prizes.
    Players who are deliberately manipulated their trophy count shouldn't get an easy run at a CF compared to those who play the intended way. Hutch have previously said the want to make it worth while for players to win events and not punish them for gaining trophies.
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