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Rank/players disappearing and sold car

Lately the ranking of players has been all over the place and it’s very hard to determine the current rank I’m at.  I’ve lost out on several prizes and Peugeot 305 because of it. For example on the leaderboard there will be 100 players ranked and after playing a match there will be 3 players ranked then go to 50 then 30 then back to 100 players ranked on the leaderboard.  Sometimes I’m not ranked on the leaderboard anymore even after I’ve played that event several times.  The last Peugeot I lost I was sitting at a qualifying 30 when time ran out but when I received my prize I was 56 and didn’t receive the Peugeot 305. I refreshed the leaderboard several times and restarted my phone before time expired even in the last few seconds and I only dropped to 32 before the event ended.  I would appreciate it if that was fixed and if I can get the 305. 

Also some time ago I won the VW type 2 1979 and accidentally sold it and now I’m limited in how far I can go in certain events because of it.  Just wondering if there is some way I can get that back. 
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