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Riders on the Storm | Collection Series

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Please find the full design of the event below.


In our series each exploring the names inspiring cars through the decades, we wanted to explore cars that go like the wind, or at least cars named for the weather. We have created a collection from some of the vehicles with these names. From the evocative GMC Typhoon to the reserved Renault Wind, whether the car truly lives up to its name or not will not be an issue, as you can race any of the 41 cars tagged with the name, 39 of which are available in packs. 

At the centre of the volatile weather this week is a mysterious mist, or rather a car named after it, the Legendary Prize Car, the Alfa Romeo Scighera (1997). Along the journey are two other great prize cars for you to win here only.

Like the collection name itself, each event in the Collection Series is a song named for the weather, hinting towards the conditions for the race. During this week, you will compete in Events around the world, earning Peugeot 404s (1962), the key to unlocking new sections of the Challenge. Be the first to own the three Prize Car models by chasing down the key cars and beating the challenge.

Riders on the Storm Cars

While you earn your five Peugeot 404s to progress in the Challenge, you’ll also be powering up your Riders on the Storm collection. The 41 cars include Maserati, Volkswagen, Pagani and more. This selection will be key for progressing in the Challenge, in turn giving you an opportunity to earn great prizes.

- Earn Peugeot 404s by competing in Events.

- Each time you earn a Peugeot 404, you unlock new rounds in the Challenge

- Beat rounds in the Challenge to earn prizes

Riders on the Storm bundles and packs will be available for purchase with Gold in the store throughout the week. There are 39 non-prize cars available. 11 Rare, 4 Super Rare, 5 Ultra Rare, so duplicates are likely in packs if you open many packs and may be useful as you progress. As it's the week of Black Friday, the limit on maximum claims for some of the bundles available for gold has been increased.


All 150+ RQ players will gain access to the following Events:

  • A Year Without Rain
  • Sandstorm
  • Four Seasons in One Day
  • Let It Snow

330+ RQ players will find their standard Event each day also presents further opportunities to win the key cars and win Riders on the Storm packs. These Events include:

  • Thunder Road
  • Raindrops Keep Fallin’...
  • Sunny Afternoon
  • Come Rain or Come Shine


In any events that are matchmade by RQ and trophies, players who have 4000+ trophies may have more generous prize tiers, offering more Peugeot Prize cars in each bracket than other brackets.


As this Challenge is offering great prizes, expect it to be incredibly challenging.

Prizes include the following:

Riders on the Storm packs: 1x Standard, 2x Premium, 3x Carbon Fiber packs

Prize cars: the Ultra Rare Renault Alpine A310 V6 Group 4/B (1983), the Epic Fiat Abarth Grande Punto S2000 (2006), the Legendary Alfa Romeo Scighera (1997).

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