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Please check these FAQ, a lot of your questions may be answered here. Feel free to post a comment and discuss, or suggest new additions to the FAQ.

Why are some high rated trucks not worth as many points?

In Elite, the more races a player has won in that season, the more points they will be worth if you beat them. A player with a high rated truck might not be the most skilled, or they might have not done many races in the season so far.

I did a perfect run and still lost - why?

Some trucks are better at certain tracks. For example, if a track has very few jumps then a Speed Specialist truck will do better than a Jump Specialist.

Some trucks have a higher maximum truck rating than others. If both are fully upgraded and both players equally skilled, the truck with the higher maximum rating is slightly more likely to win.

There is one more secret to getting better times. After a jump, if you land at the top of the down-ramp you will come out of the jump faster than if you land at the bottom of the down-ramp. If your truck always overshoots the down-ramp after a jump on a certain track, it might help if you slow down very slightly before the jump. Experiment!

How does matchmaking work in Elite?

Matchmaking in Elite is based on win-rate. As you win more often, you will tend to face other players who have won as often as you, which means it will start to get harder. Good luck!

Why did I lose points while I was offline?

In Elite, you are racing the best times that other players have laid down. When you beat them, they lose points. Your own best times are recorded and sent to other players while you are offline - and if they beat you, you will lose points too. But if they lose to your best time, you will gain points. Make sure to do the best you can in every Elite race!

Why do I always race on the same track?

The track used for Elite changes every few hours. This is to help players master that track and get the best time they can. If you’re bored of a track, you can just race on Single Player until the Elite track rolls over!

Why did my % score go down, even though I didn’t lose any points?

In Elite, the % score shows how high up the leaderboard you are - for example, if you’re at 50%, that means you have more points than half of the other Elite players in the season so far. Because other players are always playing and gaining more points, it’s possible for them to overtake you in the leaderboard even if you don’t lose points, and so your overall position will fall. Race every day in a season to finish with the highest position you can!

Why did my progression score go down?

In Elite, your progression score is the same as your Elite multiplayer score. When you lose (including when someone beats your run while you are offline) this score will go down.

This means that if you stop playing when you are close to reaching a progression prize, other players may beat your best times while you are offline and take your points. If that happens, when you come back you will be further away from the progression prize than you were before. If you are close to reaching a progression prize, try to win enough points to claim it right away!

Why do I have to swap trucks?

Elite is about mastering all the tracks in MMX Racing. In Class B Elite, you will periodically switch between driving a Class B and a Class C truck. In Class A Elite, you switch between driving Class A, B and C trucks - and sometimes even Class R! 

Help! - I did not receive my prize

Prizes can take a little while to be delivered sometimes.  If it has been 24hours since the season end then try the following:

  • Exit the game completely
  • Reopen with an internet connection and then attempt to access the Multiplayer Tab

Your prize should then be delivered.

If you still have not received your prize or received the incorrect prize then please message us with the following:

  1. Your User ID (found in the game's settings menu) 
  2. Which class of multiplayer you were in.
  3. The MP Season you were in.
  4. Which prize you expected to receive.

We will then be able to edit your save and send you the correct prize.

What are 'Revenge' races?

You now have the opportunity to take part in ‘Revenge' races!

If you find you’ve lost to an opponent whilst you have been away, when you return to the game, you’ll have the opportunity to race them again as a ‘Revenge’ opponent!

If you win a ‘Revenge’ race the point value is DOUBLE the regular amount. If you lose a ‘Revenge’ race you do not lose any points!!

Why does losing a race cost me a different number of points to winning?

In Elite, the points you can win are based on you and your opponent's ELO rating. Your ELO rating increases when you win an Elite race and decreases when you lose, including when other players race you while you are offline.

When you are shown an opponent worth a large number of points, that is because they have a higher ELO rating than you. If you lose to them, you will actually lose a smaller number of points than shown.

Conversely, when you see an opponent worth a small number of points, they have a lower ELO rating than you - and that means if you do lose to them, you will lose a larger number of points than shown. Watch out!

How can I get a revenge race on a track I never played?

If an opponent is matchmade to you while you are offline and you haven't raced on the current track during that season, your truck will be driven by an AI. So make sure you lay down a good time on each new track!

Why do we do this? First, when a track comes up for the first time in a season, no one has laid down a time on it, but you need opponents to race against! Second, if players that didn't race a track didn't get matchmade, they would have an advantage - and we don't want to give players that are less active an advantage over those that are more active.

At the very beginning of the season when there are only a few elite players, we sometimes have to pick opponents from the top ranks of Battle Mode. But if you are matchmade while still in Battle Mode, you won't lose any points.

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